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Solo meal?

Fun fact of the day…

Almost all sharks like to do their hunting solo, but scalloped hammerhead sharks prefer to travel in schools during their summer migration.

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University rankings

Fun fact of the day…

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2012-2013 have been released. Three Canadian universities made it on the top 50 list, with UBC coming in at number 30.

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My wants… job wise

I want a job that I want to wake up and go too.

Recently I had my reading break from school, and my boyfriend took the time off with me because he had some extra days from his vacation time left. During the week, he wanted to work, he wanted to get back to what he was doing, not because it was boring here but he just really likes what he does. He wants to finish the projects he is working on. I want that. It is frustrating because I am in school, heading towards a degree for something that I do not know if I want at all…

I guess it is tough so see people who know exactly what they want and are doing what they want to be doing. And then just sitting back and being like I have no idea…

Found this on this weeks post secret site.

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Wrote my first midterm of the semester today, and I felt so confident. Not too confident that you get it back and you did horribly, just enough that I am pretty sure I did a good job. If that makes any sense… anyways I am now studying for my next midterm which has over lapping topics, and noticed that I named the wrong thing in two questions! I hate that feeling. It is exactly why I do not open my binder after I have a big test because I hate that sinking feeling when you were so close to the answer or you thought it was right and then you check and everything just goes down hill.

Anyways, I guess we will have to wait and see for when I get it back… Blah I was looking forward to it, now I am mad that I made such a silly mistake.

Hope everything is going well for you all!

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Oh school

I am now in week five of my first semester in the education program. It is pretty cool actually, I like the group of people I am in my education classes with. The classes are also very interesting. It is nice to finally be learning stuff that I will need when I go out into the work force. That was one hard thing for me whenever I was in school, if it really was not something that I would need for when I start working then why would I really want to learn it. But now in all my classes I am learning thing that will help me become a better teacher. One of the crazy things that I cannot get over is the fact that I will be a certified teacher in three more years. That seems far away but I bet it is going to go by so quick!

Like I said in a previous entry I am in some SCSW courses. School and community support worker if you did not read the post before. And I find that I am learning a whole lot in these courses as well. I am also thinking “Oh I need to know that” and also with these courses I find it is very helpful because I am really learning about EAs responsibilities in the classroom.

Anyways, must be off. More homework. 🙂

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Busy Bee

I have not posted in a while… bad blogger, sorry.

I have been very busy with school and work. So I have just started the education program. It is very exciting when they talk about your teacher voice… I need to develop mine still! And many other things. But what is really helpful right now is the SCSW program. In the summer when I was picking courses to take in the fall I found a support worker course. A program dedicated to teaching you how to work with children with special needs. I thought this would be very useful for being a teacher because there is no way you will go through your teaching career without having a child with special needs in one of your classrooms. And all the information has been really useful for me. The majority of students taking these courses what to because Educational Assistants (EAs) and I hear all about their responsibilities, what they can and can not do in the classroom. I feel that it is all very important and useful information. Even the students in those classes found out I was going to be a teacher and told me how they think I am really smart for taking these courses. Anyways with the courses that I have been taking and all the preparations for school I have been busy.

On top of that I got a new job so I started that last week. I do not work very much only five hours a week, but it is still something. It is another daycare job so that is good. I like it there and the people are amazing. It is hard work, but it is a well working team I feel so that is good.

I had to apply for a student loan this year… which kinda makes me bummed because I thought I could do it without, but it really was an unrealistic thing to think. But I have had a lot of help through it from this one friend. She knows who she is, and I really could not have done it without her. Or it would have taken a lot more struggling. So thank you so much!! You are amazing.

I joined a club for the education students and it is pretty exciting to meet older students and hopefully find some guidance from them. It was a little intimidating going to the meeting at first and everyone knew each other. But they are all really great people and I am excited to plan events again. I was really starting to miss leadership from high school! hah

Anyways, it was nice chatting again. I can’t wait to talk all about my projects for this year, they sound amazing.

Thanks to all of you who keep reading!


Starting the Education Program

Next Tuesday I start the education program, and I have to say I am so excited! The textbooks were kinda expensive, and I have heard a few of the courses are going to be tough. But it is really cool because I can just see myself getting closer and closer to becoming a teacher!

I also find it kind of cool because when I am telling people about the education program that I got accepted. They tell me that can see me being a great teacher. I must say that it is really great encouragement.

Plus I am getting kinda excited and have already started buying books and stuff for when I do start teaching… hah. Yes I am really excited!

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…. .- .–. .–. -.– — — .-. … . -.-. — -.. . -.. .- -.–

Guess what that is….

Well I am sure you can get, its morse code, but I bet you can figure it out? Unless you know morse code. Though I pretty sure there are not to many people that do… Maybe there are though… Oh well.

So …. .- .–. .–. -.–   — — .-. … .   -.-. — -.. .   -.. .- -.– !

Which means Happy Morse Code Day

Yep that is right, though many people celebrate this on April 27th. I find that a lot of these celebrations have two days that they are celebrated on which does confuse me a little but oh well.

I always thought morse code was very cool, and many times in high school my friends I thought if we learned morse code then we could talk in class and not get caught. We never got around to learning it though. Which is probably for the better because I think a teacher would catch onto people tapping repetitively on the desks quite quickly. Thinking about that actually a teacher would probably be more annoyed with continuous tapping then talking. Imagine it for a second… Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap…. yep  definitely worse then a few whispers. And I am sure that since we would probably only a very limited amount of morse code talking would be confusing. I think words would get mixed up a lot! Causing the teens to start talking, and a very annoyed teacher… Good thing we were not productive teenagers…

Anyways here is a site to get your morse code translations

Have fun!

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Still sick.

So it was friday night that I started feeling off, well friday at work I felt off. And then saturday both Simon and I were miserable, we have sore throats runny noses, and fevers. What a weekend. It continued into sunday, Simon got worse, and then monday, I was so sick, thought I would try to go to class, didn’t even last the whole class and left, couldn’t go to my second one either. Didn’t make it to my first class today, but had to go to my second one because we have our final next week. And I have work scheduled for tomorrow, but I feel awful, and I felt horrible getting Simon sick, hes had a high fever all weekend. So I will have to wait and see how I feel in the morning. I want to go to work I love it there, but I can barely last for a three hour class, how am I going to last a full day shift. But I need the work I love it there so I am going  to try to my best to get tons of sleep tonight.  And be well rested so that I can be there tomorrow. It sucks as well because I have had to miss almost a week of class and they have been on strike for almost five weeks so everyone is in major try to fit everything in to the last few classes and I am missing them. And its just not a good time. Also this has been hard because this has been my first time sick away from my mom and I kinda just wanted my mom I don’t know Simon was great but he was sick too, and my mom she never gets sick. Anyways, going to go make tea.



Picture found on google



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Since i work in a daycare and I have not been working there long I get sick, and often, all the children are coming in with colds all the time so obviously I am bound to get some of them. Anyways started feeling a little under the weather earlier this week till Friday I was just plain sick and now I feel really gross, but I think because I am sick so often that I am use to it, or maybe my immune system is getting a lot better, because I kinda know what I need and yeah. But Simon on the other hand does not get sick that often, but now since we are together all the time he gets whatever I have and now he has it bad, and I honestly feel like a horrible person because I gave it to him. Obviously you cannot control who you pass your colds and sicknesses to, but I feel bad really bad. And Hes just laying in bed and I just want to help but he just wants to rest. And I don’t know what to do I want to help but I know he just needs his rest. And I’m frustrated because tomorrow I have school and since it is easter next weekend and we have Monday off and VIU didn’t go back until Tuesday last week this is my only day for Monday classes, but I feel so run down in the mornings, and I feel really not good. So what am I suppose to do? I know that I should go but one of my classes we spend the first while just playing games, and I am definitely not up for that. And then my night class that I have goes on forever, and I really just want to rest, so what am I going to do?

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