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Easter Weekend

I think it was a really nice easter weekend, got to see lots of my family. Although there were a few fights, but really what is a family gathering with my family without one. Then went to Simons house for dinner. That was nice as well. But now it is Sunday night and we both are getting our homework done. And for some reason he is grumpy with me, and I keep getting snapped at, then he tells me to do something and then gets mad because he could just do it faster. Blllaggg. I have to say that this is not a nice way to end my easter weekend. Hopefully it will be better when he gets his homework out of the way. Anyways I hope that you all had a good easter and ate way to much chocolate!

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Good Friday

Okay so do not get my wrong but today is good friday, and yes most people know that I am not very religious, so I kinda have an idea about today, but not postive. To me Easter is families, bunnies, dinner, and chocolate. That could be bad but its how I live it and I like it. Anyways today is a holiday and so most things are closed, and its a day to spend with family and friends. Well I am sitting at home alone on my computer. Okay okay, before someone says you have homework and exams to study for yes I do. But thats not something I want to do HAH! Anyways I did want to spend time with Simon, because we really need to decorate this place, the walls are plain except for his halo poster….. I will not even start with that… haha But nothing is put up. But today he has class because of this stupid strike. And it was funny because he had to borrow heidis bike last night. So that he could get there today. But now I am just sitting here waiting. Blah.



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Mini Eggs

This is one of my favourite candys/treats whatever you want to call them. Because I have always been looking for something that is chocolate and candy, and these are both, though I just hate how expensive they are. I wanted to make an easter egg hunt for Simon, but I really don’t think he would be so into it. Its going to be my first holiday away from my parents, and sure they have invited me for dinner but it is really not the same. I just I know that most of my posts are about how I miss them, but thats what I feel. THis is hard. I thought because we fought so much it might just be eaiser, that we would be closer because we were not always getting on each others nerves. But I also thought I would get to see them more. I will really miss the Easter egg hunts that my parents put on. I know that all these holidays are going to be hard. But I am with Simon, and they will be new and maybe not better but they will be ours.

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