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Wrote my first midterm of the semester today, and I felt so confident. Not too confident that you get it back and you did horribly, just enough that I am pretty sure I did a good job. If that makes any sense… anyways I am now studying for my next midterm which has over lapping topics, and noticed that I named the wrong thing in two questions! I hate that feeling. It is exactly why I do not open my binder after I have a big test because I hate that sinking feeling when you were so close to the answer or you thought it was right and then you check and everything just goes down hill.

Anyways, I guess we will have to wait and see for when I get it back… Blah I was looking forward to it, now I am mad that I made such a silly mistake.

Hope everything is going well for you all!

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Oh school

I am now in week five of my first semester in the education program. It is pretty cool actually, I like the group of people I am in my education classes with. The classes are also very interesting. It is nice to finally be learning stuff that I will need when I go out into the work force. That was one hard thing for me whenever I was in school, if it really was not something that I would need for when I start working then why would I really want to learn it. But now in all my classes I am learning thing that will help me become a better teacher. One of the crazy things that I cannot get over is the fact that I will be a certified teacher in three more years. That seems far away but I bet it is going to go by so quick!

Like I said in a previous entry I am in some SCSW courses. School and community support worker if you did not read the post before. And I find that I am learning a whole lot in these courses as well. I am also thinking “Oh I need to know that” and also with these courses I find it is very helpful because I am really learning about EAs responsibilities in the classroom.

Anyways, must be off. More homework. 🙂

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Busy Bee

I have not posted in a while… bad blogger, sorry.

I have been very busy with school and work. So I have just started the education program. It is very exciting when they talk about your teacher voice… I need to develop mine still! And many other things. But what is really helpful right now is the SCSW program. In the summer when I was picking courses to take in the fall I found a support worker course. A program dedicated to teaching you how to work with children with special needs. I thought this would be very useful for being a teacher because there is no way you will go through your teaching career without having a child with special needs in one of your classrooms. And all the information has been really useful for me. The majority of students taking these courses what to because Educational Assistants (EAs) and I hear all about their responsibilities, what they can and can not do in the classroom. I feel that it is all very important and useful information. Even the students in those classes found out I was going to be a teacher and told me how they think I am really smart for taking these courses. Anyways with the courses that I have been taking and all the preparations for school I have been busy.

On top of that I got a new job so I started that last week. I do not work very much only five hours a week, but it is still something. It is another daycare job so that is good. I like it there and the people are amazing. It is hard work, but it is a well working team I feel so that is good.

I had to apply for a student loan this year… which kinda makes me bummed because I thought I could do it without, but it really was an unrealistic thing to think. But I have had a lot of help through it from this one friend. She knows who she is, and I really could not have done it without her. Or it would have taken a lot more struggling. So thank you so much!! You are amazing.

I joined a club for the education students and it is pretty exciting to meet older students and hopefully find some guidance from them. It was a little intimidating going to the meeting at first and everyone knew each other. But they are all really great people and I am excited to plan events again. I was really starting to miss leadership from high school! hah

Anyways, it was nice chatting again. I can’t wait to talk all about my projects for this year, they sound amazing.

Thanks to all of you who keep reading!


Starting the Education Program

Next Tuesday I start the education program, and I have to say I am so excited! The textbooks were kinda expensive, and I have heard a few of the courses are going to be tough. But it is really cool because I can just see myself getting closer and closer to becoming a teacher!

I also find it kind of cool because when I am telling people about the education program that I got accepted. They tell me that can see me being a great teacher. I must say that it is really great encouragement.

Plus I am getting kinda excited and have already started buying books and stuff for when I do start teaching… hah. Yes I am really excited!

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Being very into crafting…

I like to find crafts that one day I will be able to do when I have my own classroom.

Here are a few that would be good for the classroom…,default,pd.html?start=1&cgid=projects-kidsteachers-classroom-classroomdecor,default,pd.html?start=8&cgid=projects-kidsteachers-classroom-classroomdecor



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Adding children on Facebook?

I am a camp leader, that is my job right now and before I worked in a daycare, so I am a role model for kids. I know that in the daycare there was an issue when one of the kids tried adding a teacher to Facebook. Now these kids are up to 12 so they are young kids, but Facebook is your own personal thing… but if they want to keep in contact with you once your gone that would be nice for them right? At the daycare we all agreed that adding the kids to Facebook is a bad idea. And it made sense we see those kids almost every day why do they need to be in contact with you when you go home from work… or be able to look at everything you have on Facebook. Now the people that know me know my Facebook is clean. There are no pictures of me doing anything wrong, well because I really don’t do anything like smoking or drinking, that could be bad if younger children saw. But there is the problem with my friends posting pictures of themselves drinking and smoking. It’s difficult because I have younger people of Facebook, like my younger sister and her friends, and I do not want them seeing pictures like that when they are looking at my profile. As well I have been told that when you are hired for a job and they can look at your profile on Facebook. Think about it what if they see a bunch of pictures of people drinking… that won’t look very good, especially if you are trying to get a job as a role model for children. Then where is the line drawn because this is your personal life. I know that because I want to be a teacher when I grow up that I have to be extra careful with what is put on the internet and what my friends put up. I could possibly not get a teaching job if they happen to find my Facebook page and see that a lot of my friends have pictures of themselves drinking and smoking. Now this all could be a trick to scare people, but I don’t really want to take that chance.

This comes to the question what do I do. I have made all my security setting very high so that you almost can see nothing when you are not my friend on Facebook. But is that really enough? And what right do they have to judge me on my friends Facebook pages?

And also I have some teachers from high school as my friends on Facebook. I was worried when I added them that they wouldn’t add me because I really liked them and I would like to stay in contact, and I guess that is different because I am graduated and not still attending the school they teach at. I also made sure not to ask them while I was still at school with them, because I thought that would be weird. But I would love to stay in touch with my teachers. But that also leaves the question, where is that line drawn about adding old teacher on Facebook. Also teacher are with you longer than a camp leader so they even have more of an impact on your life. But what happens in middle school when you have a really great teacher… should you add them on Facebook or is that crossing this invisible line?

But back to the question from before, so I am a camp leader, the kids look up to me. The camps that they are with me last a week, then we both move on. Last week on the last day of camp I had one of the girls come up to me, she was about 12 or 13 and ask me if I had Facebook. What am I suppose to say, she knew I did because we were talking about Facebook from earlier in the week, but  I don’t really know if I want to  have the kids from the camps adding me. Especially if I have no control over what they could come across with my friends. I know nothing that I post on my Facebook would be wrong but I can control what my friends say. So I told her yes I have Facebook but I am busy at the moment I will talk to her in a minute. I guess luckily for me she left early and I was still dealing with something else, so I have this time to reflect on what to do if it happens again. It’s not like I hate these kids and don’t want to ever see them again, in some cases it would be nice to keep in contact with the kids. Maybe I could help them and be a person they can talk to about things, a role model for them, I don’t really know. I have decided that having them on Facebook is not a good idea. But maybe making a separate email account that is just for that, I can give to kids, if it is alright with their parents, so that they feel that they can still be my friend, but it is safe you know?

I am really not sure what do to, I am going to have to talk to my manager and see what she says, but what do you guys think?

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Oh school,

I find it so difficult to get into my school work these days, though I am doing pretty well because all my assignments that are due next week are pretty much done just have to do some editing and meet with my group member and them the ones due the week after well one is being edited and then the other I have started but the teacher is going to teach us what it is about next week, so really I am complaining for no reason at all. Which is so like me…. hahah Oh dear. but I dont know what it is, I guess I see Simon doing work all the time that I get kinda worried that I am falling behind or something. Who knows. But I really get stressed out sitting here thinking oh my gosh what if I am forgetting something and then what I am going to do. I tried to make a list of all the things I needed to go, but then I got confused because I started to write silly things like drink more water. And of course you should be doing that all the time so it wasn’t something that I should just cross off, but then I wanted to finish my list. Oh dear. And another thing, I really don’t want people to think that I am bragging that I am done all this stuff, because I really am not I was just simply saying that I get nervous because I think that I have more stuff to do then I do. You know me just worrying. Wow, never heard that one before hey? Mollie worrying. HAH 🙂 that made me smile.

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Back to school, and its not even september

So we got new on sunday night that school was to go back on tuesday. Meaning that we will not have to go to school in may but that we will have to stay until the end of april to finish up. I am sitting in the library right now and it feels like september. Just because everyone is kinda in that weird out of it mood. Everyone is either stressing over projects to do, catching up with friends r just trying to remember where they are suppose tobe and when. Or maybe they are all a little bit of each one. I know that this morning sitting in class was one of the hardest things. I had to actually stay focused on the teacher. And listen. Funny thing was that it was a human communication class and we were learning about listening…. haha I can tell you that I had a lot of trouble with learning that one. I have to admit that I am pretty annoyed with how this was all handled. The whole strike. I am happy that I am back and that I will now be able to finish this semester. Although I was suppose to be finished on the 14th that was the day of my last exam, but now I am stuck here until the 29th. Oh well in a way it is kinda my choice. I can get my tuition refunded, but I feel that I have spent all this time waiting and on my school work now that we only have two and a half weeks left that I might as well just stick it out. But I can promise that I will not like having to stay here this late into April I was so super excited that I would be done early. Oh and another thing that really bugs me is that the education advisors were suppose to be letting us know in April who is in the program and who is not. Now we wont find out until the end of May!! Yes there is nothing I can do about it. But I was going to decide about summer class on if I got in or not and these class start in the first week of may… Blarrg Anyways off to get so me homework done, well try. It is so hard to get back into the homework routine.

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No school?

Hey so for all of you attending VIU this semester, or not whatever, if you want to keep your brain working heres a fun site that I have been playing on. You get a definition and have to think of the word. Heh, keep those brains functioning.

And seriously I think this strike thing is getting so stupid, this is only hurting the students and they still havent figured it all out. I know I complained about school while it was going on and that I was so looking forward to a break, but now I just want to be back in school, has anyone though about if they are going to finish the semester, or if they are going to get a refund for the tuition?

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Education Application

So I finished my education application. Sent it in. And now I wait….

This is going to be a long wait. Its a huge deal. If I get in that means three more year of school until I can really teach!! Until I get out into the real work force. Until I can say I am a university graduate! That is awesome. I have already starting thinking of games to play with my students. Activities that I would like to do. Oh I cannot wait! I have already decided on one activity that I did in grade six. We were given a piece of paper with a list of instructions on it. The first instruction said read all of the instructions before for doing any of them. and if you read them all you would see the final instruction was to not do any of the tasks on the sheet and sit and wait for your teacher to collect them. Then you would see the kids who didn’t follow the instructions and just did the sheet. Some instructions were to jump up and shout your name. It was funny to watch this one kid go through all of the instructions and then get to the end and realize. Such a good activity!

But there also is a chance that I will not get into the program. Meaning that my schooling is pushed back a whole year. I don’t really know what I will do if I don’t get it because it will be really difficult for me. Because I really tried. And I am really not good with rejection. So I am not saying that if I do not get in I wont try again. I just don’t know how I will take it. I have already kind of decided that if I don’t get in I will probably take the year off. But I don’t know I started school right away to be done with it. So a year off would be tough. Because it is really not what I want.

Oh man. These next few months of waiting are going to be really difficult.

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