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on May 24, 2011

Guess what that is….

Well I am sure you can get, its morse code, but I bet you can figure it out? Unless you know morse code. Though I pretty sure there are not to many people that do… Maybe there are though… Oh well.

So …. .- .–. .–. -.–   — — .-. … .   -.-. — -.. .   -.. .- -.– !

Which means Happy Morse Code Day

Yep that is right, though many people celebrate this on April 27th. I find that a lot of these celebrations have two days that they are celebrated on which does confuse me a little but oh well.

I always thought morse code was very cool, and many times in high school my friends I thought if we learned morse code then we could talk in class and not get caught. We never got around to learning it though. Which is probably for the better because I think a teacher would catch onto people tapping repetitively on the desks quite quickly. Thinking about that actually a teacher would probably be more annoyed with continuous tapping then talking. Imagine it for a second… Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap…. yep  definitely worse then a few whispers. And I am sure that since we would probably only a very limited amount of morse code talking would be confusing. I think words would get mixed up a lot! Causing the teens to start talking, and a very annoyed teacher… Good thing we were not productive teenagers…

Anyways here is a site to get your morse code translations

Have fun!


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