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Turkey turkey

Fun fact of the day…

Canadians purchased 3.1 million whole turkeys for Thanksgiving in 2012, according to the Turkey Farmers of Canada that’s about 35% of all whole turkeys sold during the year.

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Sunny Bear

Fun fact of the day…

The omnivorous sun bear uses its front paws for most of its dining needs as its long claws rip open trees in search of sap.

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Oh groceries…

So went food shopping a few times in the past few days, just because sales just changed and needed random things. Anyways I wish groceries would cost less!!! Seriously. I spend so much money just on groceries. Also it is not something that can just be avoided. I can’t just not eat. All I have to say is thank goodness I am a vegetarian because I have been looking at the prices of meat and woooowwwww! Hahah so I like to think that I save money on being a vegetarian. That I am saving so much! Haha

I must say that I do shop around and am constantly checking grocery stores flyers and usually looking for coupons.

But I think one thing that I really have to learn is that I really cannot have exactly what I want when I want it. I am use to being able to just go out and get whatever I want that day to eat. Just because obviously living with your parents you do not have to worry about all the expenses you do when you are moved out. I have decided now that when I pack a lunch for school I will really eat that, and not decided on my lunch break that I want a grapefruit or a muffin instead and go get one. I will think if I want a grapefruit, look around for the best deals then get them. Or looking into making muffins. I will of course treat myself occasionally when it is necessary.

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Had my family over for dinner…

Last night I thought it would be nice to have my family over for dinner. Simon made lentil soup and tomato soup for Sav because she doesn’t really like lentil soup and bread and mom went to get doughnuts for dessert. And I always seem to forget how much I really do miss them when I see them, I only wish that I was so sick because I feel kinda gross last night, I have a sore throat and was really cold. Simon and I went to bed so early last night, pretty much as soon as they left because we both just feel blarg, I do kinda feel bad though because I know it highly likely that I brought the cold in from the Daycare, and then he gets sick because he is around me. Its not really fair, and I don’t know what do it. So yeah kinda feeling pretty mean. But there is not anything I can do. Also I think that my mom and sister were ditching stuff around my house last night, I found this weird toy behind a picture frame and gave it back to savanah as she left but when I was laying in bed last night I saw one of my old stuffies that I left in some boxes at my moms house because I just had way to much stuff, and so it sitting on my dresser and I know I didn’t bring it. I wonder if this is moms way of bringing back all my stuffies that I left there (not that I want to get rid of them I just could fit them all in the car, and simon didn’t want them all here). But just so you know mom, I found them!

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Lentil Soup

No posts for yesterday, long day at work, got home exhausted. But it was good, love my job. The kids are amazing! Nothing to exciting happened. Just a good day at work, came home made dinner, ate, watched some TV then bed, today I subbed at a new place, it was really cool. I was surprised how I was not nervous at all. I usually am with new things, but I went in met the kids and had a great day! Came home from work and Simon had made Lentil soup and oh my gosh, it was amazing! So so so yummy! And I am not the biggest fan of lentil soup, and I was, I hate to say this, but kinda not excited when he said he was going to make it. But oh my goodness, I was so wrong haha it was so good! I have to admit it was so nice coming home from work and having dinner ready, that was something I was so use to living at home dinner would either be ready when I got home or Dad would be making it. I feel bad now because I would so often complain about what we were having. I AM SORRY DAD! Now that I see how just dinner is not something you want to have to deal with at night and then having me complain. I really see that oh man I was being a really nasty person. I am really sorry. The other night I had to come home and make dinner, Simon and I had a bit of a disagreement. I was mad because nothing was working out I just wanted out of that kitchen and I was not even in there for very long. But I knew that someone had to do it, it turned out really yummy actually. But yeah, so this is my thank you to Simon for making such an amazing dinner and an apology to Dad, for complaining about dinner… Love you both!

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Dinner, not the best one..

So I decided that I would make dinner because both Simon and I were very tired and I was going to make dinner. He is a really good cook and has been making dinner for the past few night. I decided on something easy because well no need to explain that one. So I decided tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich and a salad so its was going well then I grabbed the pan lid and oh wow that was hot so I had to run my hand under cold water mean while the grilled cheese started burning. So I got all thats sorted then I pull out the salad and its all wilted,  and gah I was so frustrated. The soup was really not that good, maybe I am just not into tomato soup but it was not tasty. And the grilled cheese just not good, maybe I am just grumpy, so anything will set me off. But dealing with phone companies all day today. Will put you in a bad mood believe me.

Lets hope for a better tomorrow. I will be spending it alone. Grreeaaaaaaatt…

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Grocery Shopping

Now this is one thing that I have really enjoyed, it is great being able to get everything that you want. Yes there are a few things that Simon likes that I don’t. But its only a few things. I like that I can actually get what I want and really not worry about everyone in the house eating it. And then we make food and its still there the next day because there are not so many people in the house they may want it for lunch haha. Oh my gosh its great have be able to say no meat in the house!!! WOoot Wooott! aha I really enjoy that. But I strongly dislike how many dishes there are. Since we have aquired so many peoples pots and plates and all that stuff ( big shout out to my family, simons mom, christina, roger, becky, alex and dale, and everyone else that has helped us out! THANKS GUYS) We still have to wash it all and stuff so I will be so glad when thats over! But I love that when we have dinner there are only like maybe ten dishes to do tops!! Hahah not like my dads dinners, oh my gosh we would be in there for a while!!!

Made popcorn for the first time in my house with christina last night. Love my new popcorn pot!! haha it was nice to have her over like at my place, we just talked made dinner, well simon made us dinner. Hes so great! haha then we all just talked. Heidi also came over earlier this week and we just go to really catch up. It will be nice that we live closer again!

Oh my goodness I love that we can actually shop around for groceries though! Seriously we can actually look for deals because in Qualicum its one place to get everything here its everywhere so its like oh thats to expensive here lets go somewhere else. Its really actually nice!

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