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Fun fact of the day…

Today is Yo-yo day!

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Get outdoors!

Fun fact of the day…

June is celebrated as get outdoors month!

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Who likes Popsicles?

Fun fact of the day…

Today is National Grape Popsicle Day

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I am staying home today… I hate turtles

Fun fact of the day…

Today is world turtle day…

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Shelter Cat Month, and cheese day!!

I have been at it again, not posting. Kinda slacking off, there really is no excuse now…

Lets see if I can try again..

This month is adopt a shelter cat month! And believe me I wish I could, I think shelter cats are the best. All of my cats have been from shelters, and yes they all are and have been amazing. But since my apartment building does not let cats I have to just visit my cats at my parents house. Believe me though, I want to get a cat, and as soon as we move, I am going to try to get a cat!


My big orange tabby, Pumpkin!

And guess what, today is cheese day! Hah I know that I could never be a vegan because I love cheese! The worst part though is that cheese is not that cheap. When we are shopping we have to get a few when it is on sale. But I celebrated today by having cheese on my sandwich. I also may have some some with dinner tonight, my boyfriend and I are going out tonight to watch the game. 🙂

Anyways I am going to get ready to go, and lets hope the Canucks win again tonight!

Oh, a funny story I wanted to share, the people living above us have been moving, for the past week. But instead of doing all the moving during the day, they go into the night. And they are so loud! They smash around upstairs, yell at each other, and just recently they have brought a baby who just screams most of the time. Anyways since it gets quite hot in our apartment we have to keep our windows open till we go to sleep. So they are even louder, especially when dropping things from the balcony above to their friend below who is right outside our window. Anyways they were moving the other night when the game was on. It was the game were no one was scoring. To bug them I yelled out GOAL! and cheered a little, I think I heard them talking to each other about the score after! I was so happy I tricked them. I kept laughing, but then the Canucks actually scored, and my trick was completely irrelevant. But it was funny while it lasted 🙂


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Hope you have a Whale of a day.

Happy Whale everyone.

Now only if I was working today I could draw pictures of whales for the children at the daycare to colour… it is really hard to draw pictures of scotch tape for them to colour… haha.

Those are for people that want colouring pages but do not want to draw them out 🙂

Anyways, my favourite whale by far is the orca whale I think they are so amazing! I use to beg my grama to take me to the aquarium all the time to see them. Though I know it is bad for them to be trapped in an aquarium.


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Blueberry Cheese Cake Day!

(Image found on google)

Happy Blueberry Cheesecake Day!

Believe me, I wish I had a piece of blueberry cheesecake right now. I am not the hugest fan of cheesecake though. I enjoy a small piece. But this piece looks really good. I know this is kinda late but maybe you guys can get a piece to celebrate.

What is your favourite kind of cheesecake?

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…. .- .–. .–. -.– — — .-. … . -.-. — -.. . -.. .- -.–

Guess what that is….

Well I am sure you can get, its morse code, but I bet you can figure it out? Unless you know morse code. Though I pretty sure there are not to many people that do… Maybe there are though… Oh well.

So …. .- .–. .–. -.–   — — .-. … .   -.-. — -.. .   -.. .- -.– !

Which means Happy Morse Code Day

Yep that is right, though many people celebrate this on April 27th. I find that a lot of these celebrations have two days that they are celebrated on which does confuse me a little but oh well.

I always thought morse code was very cool, and many times in high school my friends I thought if we learned morse code then we could talk in class and not get caught. We never got around to learning it though. Which is probably for the better because I think a teacher would catch onto people tapping repetitively on the desks quite quickly. Thinking about that actually a teacher would probably be more annoyed with continuous tapping then talking. Imagine it for a second… Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap…. yep  definitely worse then a few whispers. And I am sure that since we would probably only a very limited amount of morse code talking would be confusing. I think words would get mixed up a lot! Causing the teens to start talking, and a very annoyed teacher… Good thing we were not productive teenagers…

Anyways here is a site to get your morse code translations

Have fun!

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Unfortunate for the snails

Happy escargot day everyone! Well not to the snails I guess, I wonder how many people will actually eat escargot just for the celebration of escargot day? I can say that I have never had escargot and don’t really plan to anytime soon. I think it is funny because escargot is such a well known food simply because people think eating snails is weird. I know that I found out about it through movies and shows, making fun of it or having people grossed out by eating it. You know those movies where someone eat something and they say “Yummm, what is this?” the common answer is “Escargo” and then the person who was eating it is grossed out and spit it out.

But I guess it is all in the mind, if you are eating something that is good and you don’t know maybe it is for the better. Being a vegetarian kinda saves me from that a little 🙂

Anyways, to all of you out there eating snails today, enjoy one for me!

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