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Really unproductive today

So as I sit here, trying to type up my final assignment for the semester I cannot help to think back to the start of this semester, it feels so long ago. Months and months ago. I both love and hate the start of a semester. I love it because it is all new people all new classes, new things. But I don’t like it because it has been a nice long break, and getting back into the swing of things is tough. That is how I feel about the end of this semester. It felt like the beginning of a new semester when we came back from the strike and I have had a lot of trouble getting back into working. Usually when we start the semester you have a week or two just to get into things. But with this strike we had to just jump right back in, and it really did not work for me. I know this is probably what a lot of people felt. But still I cannot even wrap my head around the fact that if I just finished this paper I would be done this semester and I could focus on other things. But oh well me the procrastinator. Yay…

Today I was going to finish my paper because he had a computer group thing all day so that I would not get distracted, but what is the first thing I do when he leave, play on the computer… great. I am so smart. Then I decide to meet up with my friend, and we were going to head to the library together to go work on our final assignments. But nope we take 45 minutes just to get to school because we just talk and talk and then finally we get to the library, and then more talking, it didn’t help that I couldn’t even find the journals I needed to write my paper…. effffffff. So then I decide I will be definitely more productive if I go home…. well not at all, first I clean up around the house, put things away, do the dishes, sweep. Come on why do I do chores that I do not even like to do, just to not do my paper. Now after more wandering around the house I am now blogging, it is really rather frustrating. But I know that I will get it done it is just that it seems like such a daunting task. Blah.. Okay well I am going now. 🙂

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Ohh dear…

So we have kept the receipts on what we have bought this month… it is not something that I want to to keep thinking about. But then the first month is always the hardest because you have to start from scratch. And buy everything, and plus we did buy things like shower curtains, drying wrack, and stocked up on lots of sale items. We kept all the receipts on a magnet on the fridge. Well even my strong magnets could not hold them all up, and so I had to find a new spot…. Lets hope we spend less next month.. Heh

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A new look.

So I have really been wanting a prettier blog for a while, the white one was so plainn! And I figured out how to add stuff on the side! It only took me well lets not get into that. I am really one to just jump into something, and not really learn how to do it first, take my camera for example I got it, never even looked at the instruction manual and I am still learning new things, but I find that exciting! Simon just thinks thats silly, but I think I got that from my mom because I remember that she would never read the instructions, it drove my dad and my uncle mad 🙂 But that could have been just the best part of it. Anyways I don’t read instruction manuals, and usually takes me a few months well most of the time more to figure how to work things. But oh well.

Now that summer is here, I want to make sure to make a list of things to accomplish, and really do them. Last summer I wanted to learn the dance to thiller but I never got around to that, I also wanted to learn to long board, but they were a little to expensive for me to just buy and try one, because I could really see myself hating it.

Now I am going to attempt to do some more work, but chances are I will be back on here later… heh

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Okay honestly after the watching those games where they kept losing, I really didn’t think they could pull through and win. And of course I am beyond happy they won, because well obviously I want our team to win, not to the fact that now I will most likely have to watch every game. But he does like to watch the games… And I am not saying that I dislike watching them, because I do occasionally like to watch them, but believe me I would so rather be watching Glee, by the way Tuesday nights episode was soooooooo good! Loved it! Anyways I did want to say that I felt all that Canadian pride when the radio station played the winning goal over and over. So who knew, I think I actually may start cheering for the canucks… well thats a crazy idea.. heh 😉

And on another note, two papers to go and I will be done my second year of university. EEKKKK haha yes yes yes, I know get back to work, but we all need breaks so HAH! 🙂 But yes I had my final exam tuesday, I think it went really well there were a few questions that I was unsure of. Oh well I am sure I did pretty well.

OOhhh and for that do to list, interview, voting, exam, and some work done. More work and papers and laundry to go. Definitely not looking forward to doing the laundry only because I seem to have major problems with that,  jeezzeee.

Okay I am going to do homework 🙂

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This week

Things that have to get done this week

  • Vote (Monday)
  • Study (Tuesday)
  • Education Class (Tuesday)
  • Psych Exam (Tuesday)
  • Work 9-11:30 (Wednesday)
  • Interview 3 pm (Wednesday)
  • Work 9-12 3-5 (Thursday)
  • Work 9-5 (Friday)
  • Cyc papers (Due Friday)
And these are things that need to get done in the time between those things
  • Get Simons Birthday Present
  • Taxes
  • Papers
  • Laundry
And I am sure there will be more, so now I am going to get off this website to get work done blahhhh….
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Easter Weekend

I think it was a really nice easter weekend, got to see lots of my family. Although there were a few fights, but really what is a family gathering with my family without one. Then went to Simons house for dinner. That was nice as well. But now it is Sunday night and we both are getting our homework done. And for some reason he is grumpy with me, and I keep getting snapped at, then he tells me to do something and then gets mad because he could just do it faster. Blllaggg. I have to say that this is not a nice way to end my easter weekend. Hopefully it will be better when he gets his homework out of the way. Anyways I hope that you all had a good easter and ate way to much chocolate!

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Good Friday

Okay so do not get my wrong but today is good friday, and yes most people know that I am not very religious, so I kinda have an idea about today, but not postive. To me Easter is families, bunnies, dinner, and chocolate. That could be bad but its how I live it and I like it. Anyways today is a holiday and so most things are closed, and its a day to spend with family and friends. Well I am sitting at home alone on my computer. Okay okay, before someone says you have homework and exams to study for yes I do. But thats not something I want to do HAH! Anyways I did want to spend time with Simon, because we really need to decorate this place, the walls are plain except for his halo poster….. I will not even start with that… haha But nothing is put up. But today he has class because of this stupid strike. And it was funny because he had to borrow heidis bike last night. So that he could get there today. But now I am just sitting here waiting. Blah.



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Mollie vs the laundry room part three.

Now okay I am obviously having a lot more issues with this laundry room than anyone else. Everyone is this building seems to be fine and well adjusted to them. I know that for obvious reasons (we are new here, I am use to having my own laundry machines, being able to use them whenever I want, them being located right outside of my room) I have had some adjusting to do. But with that being said, its difficult to get adjusted when the dryer doesnt even fully dry my clothes, and people touch my laundry. Okay I have been told the rules on the laundry room by other people who live in apartment building that if it is left for long periods of time it can be moved. I don’t know I just think this is a personal thing but I feel uncomfortable with other people touching my stuff. I put my stuff in the washing machine came upstairs set a time and when down when the time was up and I always set it for less time so I will be right there when it is done. Yes I did get held up in my room for like 3 minutes because I decided to put my dishes away but when I came down someone has moved it. Yes I understand that other people need to do laundry to, but personally that you should give the person ten minutes to get their stuff. From the time you got there. I would never just come down to the laundry room and move it. I think thats not fair. but again I am the new person. I am the one who doesnt fully know the rules. I think though that I am going to want to start waiting down there for my laundry again. I feel bad getting so angry with this person. And obviously she thought it was not a big deal. So I guess it is not fair for me to get so mad about it. I just well … I guess I kinda just worked that out all through this post…

I still just want a washer and dryer in my own apartment… these would be nice, I would love to be able to watch my laundry spin 🙂

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Making Salad

Simon asked me to make a salad the other night so I was washing it and I found one that looked like a cup, and it actually worked. It was pretty cool. I was super excited.

Yeah I am a dork, so what.

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This what has happened to my room….

My mom decided she needed a project when I left, so she was going to re-paint my room because Keeley was going to move in, for those of you who remember what my room at my parents house looked like….. this is what it looks like now… 😦

This is looking into my room

This is how my walls look now

This is what my closet looks like

At least my door is still the same…

Kinda miss my old room. Oh well, its changed, nothing can be changed back now.  I like my room here too… just wish I could paint it, or finally put stuff up. Well I could do both, but I really cannot decide where things should go. I want them to go in the perfect spot.

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