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Puppy cam move aside

Fun fact of the day…

Puppy cam move aside, we have a new cam in town. A live owl cam! Here is the link if you would like another time wasting option…

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Even I can help but play on these sites…

I found a few sites that would be cool for almost any age group.

They are a little tough to figure out but once you play around on them a bit they are pretty cool!

So definitely check them out, and show the kids in your life too, I bet they will enjoy them as well

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Need something to waste some time?

All funny, and they all waste time 🙂

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A few fun game sites!

But remember to do your homework!

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A site full of awesome things.

This is one of my favourite sites, it is called one thousand awesome things, their are posts of awesome things, pretty self explanitory! But definitely check it out. I find my self checking the site constantly looking to see if there is a new awesome thing posted!

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Stumble Upon

A few months back my friend told me about this site, and its sounded pretty interesting so I tried it out and since that day I have been on it constantly.  This site is called and what you do is make an account. Go through a list of thinks that you like and check them off for example on mine things are checked off such as photography, cats, quotes, crafts, games. And all sorts of stuff, once you are done that you click stumble and then the site consists of other people posting sites that they like related to certain topics. Its really cool actually definitely try it out!


They are uncommon and they are good. Because they are uncommongoods :)

Yes thats right, uncommon goods, and they are awesome, if I had alot of money to spend. I would definitely spend it on this site that have the coolest things in the world!

I will admit not that a lot of the thing on the site are really unnessaasary things that you really do not need but somethings are just so cool! Like really really cool! haha one of my favourite things that I keep hinting to simon are the sandwich cutters

Oh my gosh I want them!!!!!

Heh, well enjoy!

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