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Twins born in different years

Fun fact of the day…

A Mississauga mom gave birth to twins a few days ago. One was born in 2013 and the other in 2014.

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Shark Mom

Fun fact of the day…

Be glad you’re not a shark, moms! The gestation period for a pregnant female shark can range anywhere from five months to two years.

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Cards for Hallmark

Fun fact of the day…


Hallmark began creating and producing Mother’s Day cards in the early 1920s

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While sleeping…

Fun fact of the day…

Brown bear moms (called sows) perform an amazing feat while sleeping through the winter: they give birth!

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Just like my momma

My mom is such a good person. She is always friendly, nice and selfless, always putting others before herself. I wish I could be more like that. She often reminds me to just let things go, there are always going to be mean people in my life, and to just move on. I just find it hard to forgive and forget. Maybe one day I will learn.

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What I have learned this year.

Sitting, and thinking about everything that has happened in these past months.

First of all I officially started my schooling to become a teacher, and it has not been easy. But I have two and half years of school to go. That is exciting! Anyways I have learned a lot, and many times I have questioned, is this really what I want? I love teaching and working with children, but learning everything that relates to the job is a little over whelming. As well everything that you have to follow and how easily your career can be ruined. It is rather terrifying. Not that I would be one to break rules, everyone that knows me knows I follow rules. Always. But hearing stories of teachers being destroyed by rumours. Oh my goodness. It is crazy. As well as all the politics surrounding teachers.

Second thing I have learned, people change. And not always is it for the better. When I stood up for myself, and not let people walk all over me I realized many people really are not good friends. And many are not even worth the effort of trying to be friends. I guess what I am trying to say is that I have learned not to try to hold onto to something that is really not there anymore. And seriously that is hard. I have struggled with it. The memories of what was once a great thing brings me down, because I want that back. But it is gone. People have changed, so what was in the past is not coming back. I struggled with letting that go. Just thinking about it right now is so difficult. But I am moving on. I have some pretty special friends right now. They really care, and I need to have them around and push away the thought of what I had.

Next thing I learned is that it is okay to not be okay. I mean that if you know you are having a hard time, accept that. Do not keep going, you will break. And that is fine too. In no way does that not make you weak.

Finally I have learned; never underestimate that people who stay by your side when you are at your worst. Because they are the ones that are in it for the long haul. They love you, I mean really love you.

My mom taught me something that I feel is so important.

One minute. One hour. One day.

Meaning take it a little bit at a time

I know myself and I know I take on way too much all the time. And I just need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and take everything one step at a time.

It is going to be okay.

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Wise words from a wise woman.

For the past couple days I have definitely not been myself. I have been feeling a little down, under the weather. I have been struggling with many decisions. They are not my usual simple decisions that I really just over think and should just get over it. These are really important ones.

I found that one of the hardest things was I am afraid to make the wrong choice. A choice that would really mess up what was going on in my life. I think that is what I am most afraid of. Making the wrong choice. Because what if… And then you see I go on in circles well what if this and what if that. Trust me, my what ifs go on and on.

So this decision has been all I have been thinking about, it’s all I talk about,  and I even keep having nightmares about it. It really has taken over my life. I guess in some ways that is a good thing, because I am not taking on my procrastinating ways and leaving it until the last moment.

In many times of trouble I called someone who I knew could help me. Well at least I hoped.

I called my mom, I explained everything to her, even started to tear up just from the pure frustration and pressure I was feeling. She didn’t tell me what to do, even when I begged and begged. I just wanted someone to tell me what to do, I had gone back and forth with what to do for so long. But no, she said its all up to me. She then said one of the most important things. It took me a while to figure out how valuable her words are.

She told me to “Remember there is no wrong decision just a different outcome.”

When on the phone with her I just didn’t really take it in what she had just told me. I just wanted the choice to be made.

It was not until she reminded me today that I really thought about it. The decision I have does not have a wrong choice. It just has different outcomes. It seems so simple, why did I not think of it before. I had let my head cloud over with all these what ifs, and issues and everything. But those words helped me more than anything else.

I have almost made my choice, I still have a few things to work out but I can promise you I am close.

But I have to say, when facing a tough decision, really remember that there is not a wrong one. It does help.

And thank you to my mom, who knew exactly what to say to help me. Even when I didn’t even know it.

Mom, you are one of the smartest people I know. Thank you

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Still sick.

So it was friday night that I started feeling off, well friday at work I felt off. And then saturday both Simon and I were miserable, we have sore throats runny noses, and fevers. What a weekend. It continued into sunday, Simon got worse, and then monday, I was so sick, thought I would try to go to class, didn’t even last the whole class and left, couldn’t go to my second one either. Didn’t make it to my first class today, but had to go to my second one because we have our final next week. And I have work scheduled for tomorrow, but I feel awful, and I felt horrible getting Simon sick, hes had a high fever all weekend. So I will have to wait and see how I feel in the morning. I want to go to work I love it there, but I can barely last for a three hour class, how am I going to last a full day shift. But I need the work I love it there so I am going  to try to my best to get tons of sleep tonight.  And be well rested so that I can be there tomorrow. It sucks as well because I have had to miss almost a week of class and they have been on strike for almost five weeks so everyone is in major try to fit everything in to the last few classes and I am missing them. And its just not a good time. Also this has been hard because this has been my first time sick away from my mom and I kinda just wanted my mom I don’t know Simon was great but he was sick too, and my mom she never gets sick. Anyways, going to go make tea.



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Good morning sun… well maybe not so sunny.

So I slept alright right last night still pretty warm, I think i am just a really warm person when I sleep because Simon said he has a really good sleep. I am going to definitely try with a thinner blanket.

But today was hard, I got in a bit of a fight with Simon and I was let down by someone, and I am kinda just wanting my mom. Just for a hug, or my cat, for a nice snuggle. Today is hard. I miss my mommy.

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All moved out, but maybe not all grown up

So I have not written in a while but I have decided that I am going to make this all about my experiences on moving out for the first time, how I am feeling, what it is like and all that fun stuff. So here it goes.

So finding this place happened on a fluke, it was just by chance that the managers of the building called Simon when we were in town looking at other places. We stopped in and we both loved it the minute we saw it. I started planning where everything was going to go. We talked and both agreed we liked this place best. Simon and my dad went down the next day so that my dad could take a look and sign some papers. And the managers liked us so they said that we could move in early, because it was ready half a month before we wanted to move in and they could have given it to other people ready right away! Such great people!

We started moving in pretty quick. The plan was to move a few things down the first weekend because my mom had to make a few trips to our new town for a soccer tournament so we thought we would fill the car and just get the place started. BIG SHOUT OUT TO MOM! Thanks! But then my uncle decided that he would like to start moving stuff this weekend as well. (He has a van and a trailer!!!!) So we got almost everything here then we were talking and both Simon and I agreed that we would just love to be moved out so we talked it over with Uncle Tom and he decided to do a second trip on the Tuesday instead of next Saturday! Anyways Saturday moved a lot of stuff in. But no bed. And then Sunday my cousins and aunt stopped in to see them place. It was super cool being able to show the place off to my family. Then Monday we packed and Tuesday we moved the rest of the stuff! A big thanks to Tim and Uncle Tom for that day of moving! So we got to officially be at our place Tuesday night.

This is going to be my third night sleeping here. Both of the two nights before have been pretty bad. It gets so warm here. The first night Simon decided to turn the thermostat on and then its was so warm in the bedroom that we both could not sleep and I could not figure out how to even get the stupid window open! The second night again it was still just so warm! Then the next night we ended up going back to Parksville and go to my parents for dinner and stay at Simon’s moms house for the night. A good nights sleep! Then on the third night staying here we had way to many blankets because we had unpacked them all and put them on the bed. So we have left the windows open all day today and so it will be colder in here and we have only one blanket on the bed. YIPPIE! Heh.

The one thing that I have found really hard though is being away from my family. I grew up with two sisters and pets around all the time. So this being with only one other person and no pets is a little tough. I did have a few tears the first two nights here simply because I just missed my family so much. I have spend more time apart from them then just days before but never to the point where I am really not with them. And oh man do I miss my cat! It was so nice to always have something  to cuddle, whenever I wanted. I need a pet.