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Cute kitten?

Hey Guys,

So I was recently visiting my parents and they have this new kitten. Oh the things he does are absolutely hilarious! Here is one of the videos that I took of him this weekend. Hope you enjoy, I will try to get some more up!

Here is the link to the video: Kitten Jumping

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Simple Valentines

Hey, I have been so crazy busy with school that I decided I needed to take some time away from homework so a few night ago I got some of my craft supplies out and made some valentines. Recently I bought different packs of buttons. I love all the crafts that have been done with them on Pinterest. I adore Pinterest, definitely take a look at it. Anyways I wanted to make my family some valentines.

So here they are…

Now I made a few more than this but I liked these ones. They are really not that hard to make. I wanted to make sure that they are simple and pretty, and that they can be personalized.

Here are the things I used…

So I took

-Construction paper (I found some that is half the size of regular paper, then I just cut them, into threes)

-Paper clips (I found at the dollar store a pack of a bunch of different colours and picked out the green ones)

-Little flowers (I found them at the dollar store, they could even be made, just card stock with a little gem in the middle)

-Buttons (Really any kind will work, probably bigger for the inside of the flower)

-Double sided tape (I adore double sided tape, I use it for everything)

-Tissue paper (Really any kind colour can be used, maybe even a few different colours)

First I took my doubled sided tape, and put into a square. Then I folded the tissue paper and cut out some petals shapes.

The thing I did special with the petals is that I cut them on a fold. So the bottom is connecting the two petals. This is  so I could twist the fold a little to get the petals to fan out, then stuck them onto the tape.

Then I did a second layer, and put the button on. I was going to do something different for a stem but I kinda liked the paper clip. I straightened out the first one for the main stem, for the two little flowers I half straightened them, so there would still be a bend in the middle.

To secure them on, I cut the double sided tape in half to fit along the paper clips. I wrapped the siding of the tape around the paper clip so that it would not stand out as much on the paper.

Then I chose some flowers to put on the ends of the smaller stems, now those could have been made into more tissue paper flowers, or leaves, whatever you prefer.

So any questions just ask, I hope this makes sense.


-Construction paper ($1.25 for a pack)

-Paper clips ($1.25 for a pack)

-Little flowers ($1.25 for a pack)

-Buttons ($1.25 for a pack)

-Double sided tape ($1.25 for a roll)

-Tissue paper ($1.25 for a pack)

So this craft is really inexpensive, and you can make many of them!

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Today was really sunny, it made me feel warm and happy, until I got home and realized I got too much sun, and felt a little sick. But oh well I enjoyed the sun.

That is all for now 🙂

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I love the signs of spring!

The signs of spring are appearing!

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