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A Little Insight

I am a future elementary teacher. I will be starting my first year of the education program in fall 2o11. I am excited to be getting closer to becoming an elementary teacher.

On this blog there will be questions I have, things I learn, things that have helped me in my path to become a teacher and many things that would relate to being a teacher and becoming one.

Also I will be posting games that have worked for me, and ones I want to try. As well crafts and really anything that I think that would be important.

Originally I started this blog was because I really just needed to let things out sometimes. But then I felt I needed a theme, so I found it. Things that I need to know, that I know now, and things I wonder about becoming a teacher. Any advice would be appreciated. 🙂

I also like to talk about days that we are celebrating sometimes 🙂

Another thing that I have been very into is posting a new fact every day, I really like the idea of learning something new everyday and so I hope to try to post one everyday!

The one thing that I am not so great with is posting every day. I try, but sometimes I great distracted by other things.

And a little about me…

I am me, that’s about it. Original hey?

I can be completely random, and silly, or serious and straight forward. It really depends on what has happened to me. I cannot promise that I will post all the time just that I will try to as often as I can.

One of my favourite things to do is just cuddle up with my boyfriend and watch some movies. My boyfriend, is amazing I am head over heels in love with him.

Photography, is amazing. I get goosebumps from some pictures, but then I get goosebumps from quite a few things. Like when I see inspirational things, videos, speeches, signs, I get the chills. I love taking photos, but then I see how amazing photos can be and I get a little discouraged but I am continuing on and I keep taking photos, keep practicing.

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