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Fun fact of the day…

The brown bears spend four to six months a year curled deep in sleep in a den. That’s one-third to one-half of their lifetime!

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Common swift

Fun fact of the day…

The Common swift spends most of their lives in the air, living on the insects they catch in their beaks.

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Fun fact of the day…

Millions of trees are only here because squirrels will bury nuts in the ground to eat later and then they forget where they buried them

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Imagining peeing once a week?

Fun fact of the day…

The two-toed sloth does everything while hanging upside down from trees, including eating, sleeping, mating, and even giving birth. The only time it comes to the ground is to poop and pee, which it does once a week

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Fun fact of the day…

The average  honeybee will make one-twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime

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Fun fact of the day…

A Christmas wreath hanging from your front door symbolizes a sign of welcome and long life for all who enter

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Fun fact of the day…

Tundra swans mate for life and pair up for nearly a year before breeding.

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What I have learned this year.

Sitting, and thinking about everything that has happened in these past months.

First of all I officially started my schooling to become a teacher, and it has not been easy. But I have two and half years of school to go. That is exciting! Anyways I have learned a lot, and many times I have questioned, is this really what I want? I love teaching and working with children, but learning everything that relates to the job is a little over whelming. As well everything that you have to follow and how easily your career can be ruined. It is rather terrifying. Not that I would be one to break rules, everyone that knows me knows I follow rules. Always. But hearing stories of teachers being destroyed by rumours. Oh my goodness. It is crazy. As well as all the politics surrounding teachers.

Second thing I have learned, people change. And not always is it for the better. When I stood up for myself, and not let people walk all over me I realized many people really are not good friends. And many are not even worth the effort of trying to be friends. I guess what I am trying to say is that I have learned not to try to hold onto to something that is really not there anymore. And seriously that is hard. I have struggled with it. The memories of what was once a great thing brings me down, because I want that back. But it is gone. People have changed, so what was in the past is not coming back. I struggled with letting that go. Just thinking about it right now is so difficult. But I am moving on. I have some pretty special friends right now. They really care, and I need to have them around and push away the thought of what I had.

Next thing I learned is that it is okay to not be okay. I mean that if you know you are having a hard time, accept that. Do not keep going, you will break. And that is fine too. In no way does that not make you weak.

Finally I have learned; never underestimate that people who stay by your side when you are at your worst. Because they are the ones that are in it for the long haul. They love you, I mean really love you.

My mom taught me something that I feel is so important.

One minute. One hour. One day.

Meaning take it a little bit at a time

I know myself and I know I take on way too much all the time. And I just need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and take everything one step at a time.

It is going to be okay.

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Adding children on Facebook?

I am a camp leader, that is my job right now and before I worked in a daycare, so I am a role model for kids. I know that in the daycare there was an issue when one of the kids tried adding a teacher to Facebook. Now these kids are up to 12 so they are young kids, but Facebook is your own personal thing… but if they want to keep in contact with you once your gone that would be nice for them right? At the daycare we all agreed that adding the kids to Facebook is a bad idea. And it made sense we see those kids almost every day why do they need to be in contact with you when you go home from work… or be able to look at everything you have on Facebook. Now the people that know me know my Facebook is clean. There are no pictures of me doing anything wrong, well because I really don’t do anything like smoking or drinking, that could be bad if younger children saw. But there is the problem with my friends posting pictures of themselves drinking and smoking. It’s difficult because I have younger people of Facebook, like my younger sister and her friends, and I do not want them seeing pictures like that when they are looking at my profile. As well I have been told that when you are hired for a job and they can look at your profile on Facebook. Think about it what if they see a bunch of pictures of people drinking… that won’t look very good, especially if you are trying to get a job as a role model for children. Then where is the line drawn because this is your personal life. I know that because I want to be a teacher when I grow up that I have to be extra careful with what is put on the internet and what my friends put up. I could possibly not get a teaching job if they happen to find my Facebook page and see that a lot of my friends have pictures of themselves drinking and smoking. Now this all could be a trick to scare people, but I don’t really want to take that chance.

This comes to the question what do I do. I have made all my security setting very high so that you almost can see nothing when you are not my friend on Facebook. But is that really enough? And what right do they have to judge me on my friends Facebook pages?

And also I have some teachers from high school as my friends on Facebook. I was worried when I added them that they wouldn’t add me because I really liked them and I would like to stay in contact, and I guess that is different because I am graduated and not still attending the school they teach at. I also made sure not to ask them while I was still at school with them, because I thought that would be weird. But I would love to stay in touch with my teachers. But that also leaves the question, where is that line drawn about adding old teacher on Facebook. Also teacher are with you longer than a camp leader so they even have more of an impact on your life. But what happens in middle school when you have a really great teacher… should you add them on Facebook or is that crossing this invisible line?

But back to the question from before, so I am a camp leader, the kids look up to me. The camps that they are with me last a week, then we both move on. Last week on the last day of camp I had one of the girls come up to me, she was about 12 or 13 and ask me if I had Facebook. What am I suppose to say, she knew I did because we were talking about Facebook from earlier in the week, but  I don’t really know if I want to  have the kids from the camps adding me. Especially if I have no control over what they could come across with my friends. I know nothing that I post on my Facebook would be wrong but I can control what my friends say. So I told her yes I have Facebook but I am busy at the moment I will talk to her in a minute. I guess luckily for me she left early and I was still dealing with something else, so I have this time to reflect on what to do if it happens again. It’s not like I hate these kids and don’t want to ever see them again, in some cases it would be nice to keep in contact with the kids. Maybe I could help them and be a person they can talk to about things, a role model for them, I don’t really know. I have decided that having them on Facebook is not a good idea. But maybe making a separate email account that is just for that, I can give to kids, if it is alright with their parents, so that they feel that they can still be my friend, but it is safe you know?

I am really not sure what do to, I am going to have to talk to my manager and see what she says, but what do you guys think?

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I imagined, and it happened

Many months ago when I found out Katy Perry was coming to a town near me I was so excited. Ecstatic actually. I think Katy Perry is amazing. Anyways, when the tickets went on sale I was on the site right away and I think I had row 5 or something… but then I have no idea what came over me…. and I decided that I shouldn’t keep spending money on concerts, and I left the page. Every since I did that I regretted it. I when back to the site a while later and all of the good seats were gone. And then the concert was sold out a while later. I was so angry with myself. This is something I really wanted and I was reason I couldn’t go. This blame could not be passed on.

For months I imagined myself going. Then I thought, radio stations often have concert tickets to give away all the time. I had won some before, maybe I could do it again. So I listen constantly, I also made my boyfriend listen as well, even though he is not to fond of the music I listen to, but he knew how bad I wanted these tickets.

Anyways after months of trying, I got nothing. I was still imagining though, imagining myself at the concert. Imagining what it would be like. Then the weekend before the concert one radio station was giving away tickets every hour. Well guess who had headphones in most of the weekend. Yep, I was listening every chance I got. Unfortunately my boyfriend had a friend getting married on the Saturday, so I had to put my headphones down most of the day. Which was extremely hard for me. I was not to impressed. Haha 😛

On the Sunday I was determined. I had to get these tickets, I had dreamed about it the night before. My boyfriend and I listened all day. Then it happened.

Early afternoon on Sunday we were sitting there calling and my boyfriend turned to me.

“It’s ringing”
“It always rings and then it has the busy signal”
“No, it is ringing”

I think my heart started racing, but I can’t really remember. He gave me the phone and I heard the ringing… I was shaking. Then I heard the DJ come on and say hello. I could barely contain my excitement. We chatted about the weather, then he told me I was the right caller. I had won. I could not believe it. It was two days before the concert I had a lot to do, but right then I didn’t even care. I was jumping around my apartment. Then after a while it hit me, I had to call work and get everything worked out. Luckily everything worked out great, and we got to the concert. And it was amazing, even my boyfriend had a good time. He said he was not a big fan of the music. But she had a good stage presence.

I loved it. It was amazing.

So a big thank you to my boyfriend for winning me the tickets, but also I think the positive thinking and the imagining myself there played a big part as well.

Overall, she was great, and I suggest to never pass up the tickets if you really want to go 🙂

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