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Fun fact of the day…

A man disguises himself as a homeless man in Vancouver only to help the people who offer to help him. This man is not homeless at all, he recently paid the rent for a young man who was down on his luck but still offered to help the “homeless” man sitting outside of his bank. This “Santa Claus’ does this every Christmas season, rewarding random acts of kindness.

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Married where you met?

Fun fact of the day…

A Vancouver couple recently got married on a bus, because that is where they met a year earlier

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Is it really to early for Christmas?

Okay now my opinion is you cannot start celebrating the next holiday until the one before it is over. So yes I have Remembrance Day tomorrow before I can really get into the whole Christmas spirit.

However and this is only how I feel, well my mom as well, but that is beyond the point. What I am trying to get across is that really if someone wants to celebrate early it should be their decision  Like if it is making them happy then what is the problem. I hear some friends and family moaning and groaning when they see Christmas decorations up or whatever. But really is the sight of the decorations really hurting you? Just because Starbucks has their Christmas cups out is that really a problem? I mean there are bigger things to complain about. And really if that is all you have to moan and groan about then you have got to be pretty lucky… But think maybe someone is having a hard day, they walk into a store and see the beautiful Christmas decorations, and smile thinking about the wonderful time of year coming up, with the colours family and joy? Now isn’t that worth it? The joy on some people faces…

I don’t know I guess it just bugs me that people are complaining when really it is NOT a big deal at all

Booo all you Grinches out there… Haha  sorry just needed to get that out there I guess…

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Happy Bus Drivers?

Yesterday I had to take a few buses around town, and all the bus drivers were very happy, they were whistling, and singing. Even saying hi to the people as they walked on. Now do not get me wrong this is not complaining about happy bus drivers, it is great, just does not happen that often. It kinda caught me off guard. It is sometimes common that you get a nice bus driver but so many in a row, now that is unheard of. I really started to think maybe that all had a nice long break and well yeah not going to go on about that…

So after being greeted I sat down in front of these two girls, first they went on and on about tanning and prom, then they started talking about the bus driver and how he was really going quick, which he was not. I guess they had not taken that bus before because no offence to them but it is a highway you are supposed to go a little faster… but who knows maybe he was going faster I just never thought about it then I guess. Anyways they continued to chat, and they were loud, I could hear them talking even over the music so I continued to listen. One of the girls told the other that she had garbage, but since this bus driver was nice, and she liked him she will actually take the garbage off the bus. So do you hear that bus drivers? If you are friendly you will get less garbage thrown on your bus… even though his bus was really messy. But who knows this bus driver could just taken over a mean drivers messy bus. I think that is what I would like to think 🙂

Anyways bus drivers, I like you more when you are whistling!

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Its all in the cheeks

Smiling take less muscles then to frown. Or so they say… Well… I believe it. Try smiling… now try frowning. With a smile your mouth curls up into your cheeks, and makes your eyes squinty and happy and you cheeks all cute. With a frown you create wrinkles all over your forehead, and pull your eyebrows down and then you have to pull your mouth down. See, there is a lot more work with a frown then a smile, plus with a smile you get laugh lines, with a frown you get wrinkles. I would take laugh lines over wrinkles any day. Even though they really are the same thing, but you can say the wrinkles on your cheeks are laugh lines. I don’t really think you would be able to convince anyone that the wrinkles on your forehead are laugh lines… Unless your laugh somehow looks like a frown, if so then I am really not sure what to tell you.

But nonetheless, smiling is always better.

When you walk into a store and the person at the till smiles, its like an invatation into the store, because when you walk in and they frown at you or look grumpy, I always feel that I am not welcome. Unless I HAVE to get some thing in that store I will just walk out! It just makes me feel like I am not suppose to be there.

PLUS, smiling makes you more approachable. I know that I said sometimes that is a bad thing, but that is only sometimes! Maybe you will make a new friend because you smiled when you sat down next to a nice looking stranger on the bus.

So just remember smile, its all in the cheeks.



Me, dressed up as a doll

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Today was really sunny, it made me feel warm and happy, until I got home and realized I got too much sun, and felt a little sick. But oh well I enjoyed the sun.

That is all for now 🙂

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I have one of the best boyfriends,  no matter how much I can be a pain, he is always there for me. Last night when I was grumpy he just came and sat with me until I talked, and then we talked through what was wrong. This morning when I had to go for a meeting, he came with me because I was a little nervous about making all these transfers on the buses, even though it meant he had to get up at six, and be out of the house ten to seven. He came with me waited an hour just sitting there until I was done. Its all these things he does that makes me know he is my one. I love him so much! Thanks baby!

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I love the signs of spring!

The signs of spring are appearing!

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Today I had to do a bit of shopping, kinda getting nervous that everything is so close because I am starting to go more often then I really need to…. but thats not what I meant for this blog, that will probably be another entry called broke or something. Hah anyways I noticed how quickly your mood changes when faced with someone else’s mood. For example on the bus if someone is grumpy around you, glaring at people rolling their eyes, that rubs off on you usually, I felt that way today, when someone was grumpy towards me it put me in an off mood. But then when people where nice it makes you feel much better. I try my best to always smile and thank the bus drivers and say have a nice day to all the cashiers I meet, but just a few people doing that is not going to help. Think about how many people they see a day how many people are rude just rushing through not really caring at all. Well it must suck. In the mall when they have people come at you asking you to try their products, think about how many people are rude to them. Thats why I am always polite and say sorry. Yeah sorry is probably not the best thing to say but alway be polite to them, think about how hard their days is, just getting snapped at by people all day just for doing their job. But really think about your day, how much impact someone has if they just smile at you, or are nice to you during the checkout, the random acts of kindness, they get passed on they make peoples days, and make people happy. Would you rather be in a world of grumpy people or happy, stupid question right? Then why not make an effort to be nice to everyone, yes there are always going  to be people that are grumpy but don’t let the grumpy one have an impact on you, be happy smile, at them maybe then they will become happier or your smile may take them out of there grumpy mood and think of how many peoples days you made just because you smiled at a grumpy person. I don’t know I just think that if we all just smile some more and just be nice to everyone then this world will be a lot better off. So let try it?


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A good night, to a kinda not so great day

So today was lonely, got a few things done around the place, I found that I was often just sitting here in silence listening to the peoples conversations outside my place. I have never experienced sitting in on my couch just listening to people. It kinda creeped me out at first. But I think I am starting to get used to it. One this that kinda shocked me though, was the people in the apartment above me, well I heard them walking around all day, but it didn’t bug me, it comforted me because it was just like there is someone here with me. I know it sounds weird yes, but it was just like I really wasn’t completely alone, that made me feel better.  Though I kinda did feel really sick all day, but it has been a pretty stressfull, this whole moving, spending money, trying to get a new phone, but getting lied to by every phone company. Just trying to make my job work with my new location and being away from my family. Its hard. Just today alone I have thought many things I would like to be doing at my house, playing games with my sisters, going for a walk with my dogs, playing with my cat, taking pictures in my back yard with my pets, hanging out with my family. Yes some of these things can be done here, but not with the things most important to them, my family and pets. Oh man do I miss them everyday. But like I said the day got better, not when I found out I can’t get a phone, or that I had been lied to all yesterday by the phone companies. Not when Simon forgot to bring me my dads super yummy jam for the third day in a row 😛 not when I had my interview (which went really well) but it was when Simon and I got home, when he told me how much he missed me and that he loves me and gave me a huge hug. I felt like I was home. and we started dinner, nothing difficult, simply leftover rice, some fried up veggies and some eggs. But just that we were together and we were happy. I felt good. Yes maybe that is cheesy. But I am happy. I miss my old house, but this is my home now, with Simon. It will be difficult, and I know that there will be a lot more hard parts, and more fights, but I feel a little stronger, that I will be able to make it through more of the difficulties of moving out.

So Simon if you ever read this, you mean more than the world to me, and I truly do not know what I would do without you.

I love you.

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