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Long day

So one thing that I dislike is split shifts, especially when you finish all your homework a lot faster then you thought you would, so you are left with hours and nothing to do. I even for some reason decided not to bring my computer. Meaning I am stuck on a public computer with keys that keep getting stuck and its really quite frustrating. Oh well, back to work soon, not sure what I am goingto do with the kids today. Ill think of some fun  crazy though, the only problem is is that it is a full moon, or it was, but whatever the case, full moons make people different, its like children have that much more energy and things just are strange. But oh well work tonight then I get to see my boy. Very excited. Though I have a long day tomorrow at a workshop but at least we get to spend tonight together.

Oh I found the coolest time waster website last night, don’t have the link with me but I will try to remember to post it later, the sites are so cool! And definitely could waste a lot of time, I am glad that I didn’t keep track of the time when I was on them. Its kinda crazy how many random sites there are on the internet, I know that yes there are so many but I really have not thought about that too much.

I wish I had that website right now though I am sure that it would be so slow on this computer. That is one thing that is so annoying, when things are slow. Drives me bonkers!

So it is reading break, so kinda like our spring break and they keep calling for snow, yippie! Haha its kinda trying to snow outside right now. Kinda love it. Haha

Anyways I am going to head to work early  get some cleaning done!

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Woke up this morning to the world in a blanket of white! It’s beautiful, and it was still snowing. Although my family really are not morning people I still skipped around the house. They made snarky remarks and said some rude things, but once I brushed those off I was able to cheer up my sisters. Still working on my mom, shes not a morning person 🙂

Anyways, All you out there have an amazing day! You are all truly amazing, so smile!


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New Game

I found this new game,

I cannot get enough of it, and its funny because this is not even a kind of game that I usually play!

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