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Okay really?!

Okay, I do believe that there is no wrong decision, just different ones. But when I keep telling myself this, I seem to pick a choice that puts me in a horrible situation. I mean come on, what is with that? Well I guess you have to look on the brighter side, well at least try too…. Like maybe it would have been worse with the other choice. But that is one thing that you will never know…

I just feel so down lately with everything. I miss my old job, I just missed my sisters birthday, my new job is not turning out how I imagined, I am stressed, I miss my cat, people are not being nice. I just want to laugh, and smile. Like really smile. I feel that I haven’t really smiled in a while. Well my boyfriend really tries to cheer me up makes jokes and yeah I smile but then it’s like I am back to all the frustrating things in my life.


I am so frustrated.

You know what I want so badly right now!?

I want to walk into the daycare where I worked, and just be welcomed by all the smiling faces, hugs, and cuddles. I would love that.

I know my posts are kinda sadder lately… I’m sorry.

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Thank you for your kindness

On the weekend I was not happy, I kept having to deal with rude people. It was really frustrating. I don’t remember where it started but one thing was a woman came on the bus made me move because she didn’t want to walk around me when it would have been about the same distance to get to her seat, then she wanted me to move again so she could be right by the door holding on when she got off, and I was just trying to hold on so I wouldn’t fall. It is not like the bus was crowded and the stop she was getting off was an exchange so the bus driver waits there. She was  so inconsiderate and it frustrated me.

Another thing that happened earlier in the week was when this older lady got so made at this younger girl because she did not have the same beliefs as her. The old lady kept trying to give her papers on what she should believe. The younger girl continued to say no and was very polite. All I have to say is if someone tried to tell me that what I believe is wrong and that I should believe in what they believe and kept pushing it on me. I would not be so happy, and probably not as polite as that girl. Anyways I was so fed up with people.

Sunday came around and my boyfriend and I went to a garage sale. We saw a table we liked and asked how much they said $30 then asked if we had just started out (just moved out) We told them yes, and said we like the table but have no way to get it back to our place that day. The lady then said I will sell it to you for $15 and I will get my husband to deliver it later. Then she asked about some side tables if I like them I said yes but I am not sure where I would put them. She also showed me these beautiful blown glass cats she imported. I bought three little cats and a duck because they were so cute and insisted on selling them to me so cheap. There were bigger glass figures but I knew that I shouldnt be spending too much money.

Anyways that night the wife called to make sure we were home to deliver the table she then asked my boyfriend if his sweet girlfriend (me 🙂 ) would like the side tables. He accepted and when the husband out here to deliver the table he gave us the side tables free. And then ran back out to the car and handed my boyfriend a wrapped package. He told my boyfriend it’s from my wife. When back inside I opened it up to find the glass cat that I had wanted but did not say anything because  felt it would be rude to keep pointing out things I like but didn’t buy.

So thank you to the couple for the random acts of kindness, you made my week brighter and we really appreciate it! And I cannot express how grateful we are!!!

Our new table

The glass cat she gave me

One of the cats I bought

Looks like my pumpkin 🙂

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Its all in the cheeks

Smiling take less muscles then to frown. Or so they say… Well… I believe it. Try smiling… now try frowning. With a smile your mouth curls up into your cheeks, and makes your eyes squinty and happy and you cheeks all cute. With a frown you create wrinkles all over your forehead, and pull your eyebrows down and then you have to pull your mouth down. See, there is a lot more work with a frown then a smile, plus with a smile you get laugh lines, with a frown you get wrinkles. I would take laugh lines over wrinkles any day. Even though they really are the same thing, but you can say the wrinkles on your cheeks are laugh lines. I don’t really think you would be able to convince anyone that the wrinkles on your forehead are laugh lines… Unless your laugh somehow looks like a frown, if so then I am really not sure what to tell you.

But nonetheless, smiling is always better.

When you walk into a store and the person at the till smiles, its like an invatation into the store, because when you walk in and they frown at you or look grumpy, I always feel that I am not welcome. Unless I HAVE to get some thing in that store I will just walk out! It just makes me feel like I am not suppose to be there.

PLUS, smiling makes you more approachable. I know that I said sometimes that is a bad thing, but that is only sometimes! Maybe you will make a new friend because you smiled when you sat down next to a nice looking stranger on the bus.

So just remember smile, its all in the cheeks.



Me, dressed up as a doll

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Beauty in local flowers

I love taking pictures of flowers, they are just so pretty. They always make me smile

Some pretty flowers I found on my walk along a lake a few night back

Someones beautiful garden along the side of the road

Near a walk way, the picture does not show the intense colours of these flowers! So beautiful!

Walking to the bus, this purple flowers stood out among a garden full of flowers, and this one was so small but so bright!

No matter where I am I always think the little daises that grow everywhere are so beautiful!

Just pretty flowers

Flowers from different angles!

I just love the colour of these flowers

These little guys grow all over at my parents house, so cute!

Just a side note, all these photos were taken by me 🙂

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I missed the last couple seasons of So You Think You Can Dance.  Very busy with work and stuff, this year I can record them and watch them later! Love this show! I always makes me smile! And just by watching the auditions I know it is going to be a good season! I cannot wait!

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To smile, or not to smile?

Often I am asked why do you smile so much, or why are you so happy? Well I think I would just prefer to smile then to frown. I often meet people because I am smiling, people are much more friendly to me, they are more willing to help me. But after yesterday I am not to sure I want to look as friendly, see I have quite a few creeps come up and talk to me just because they think they can. By quite a few I mean a lot! Yes there have been really weird moments, but oh well. Yesterday I was walking home from school and this man approached me. He was obviously very drunk because I could smell it on his breath, yes he was getting that close to me and was asking me about a tear in his pants and if it was noticable. I really just wanted to get out of that situation so I told him that I am late for meeting my friend. He would not let me go kept asking me it I could see it. Now I am not saying that he was doing anything to hurt me, he was just drunk probably just ripped his pants and was trying to ask someone about them. But I wonder, did he ask me because I was the one who smiled and look friendly, and maybe if I had not smiled, would he have not bothered me?

I know I say to always smile, and I am not going to let something like that stop me from it, but I can’t help but think that I would have a lot less creepy encounters with strangers if I just didn’t smile.

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Today I had to do a bit of shopping, kinda getting nervous that everything is so close because I am starting to go more often then I really need to…. but thats not what I meant for this blog, that will probably be another entry called broke or something. Hah anyways I noticed how quickly your mood changes when faced with someone else’s mood. For example on the bus if someone is grumpy around you, glaring at people rolling their eyes, that rubs off on you usually, I felt that way today, when someone was grumpy towards me it put me in an off mood. But then when people where nice it makes you feel much better. I try my best to always smile and thank the bus drivers and say have a nice day to all the cashiers I meet, but just a few people doing that is not going to help. Think about how many people they see a day how many people are rude just rushing through not really caring at all. Well it must suck. In the mall when they have people come at you asking you to try their products, think about how many people are rude to them. Thats why I am always polite and say sorry. Yeah sorry is probably not the best thing to say but alway be polite to them, think about how hard their days is, just getting snapped at by people all day just for doing their job. But really think about your day, how much impact someone has if they just smile at you, or are nice to you during the checkout, the random acts of kindness, they get passed on they make peoples days, and make people happy. Would you rather be in a world of grumpy people or happy, stupid question right? Then why not make an effort to be nice to everyone, yes there are always going  to be people that are grumpy but don’t let the grumpy one have an impact on you, be happy smile, at them maybe then they will become happier or your smile may take them out of there grumpy mood and think of how many peoples days you made just because you smiled at a grumpy person. I don’t know I just think that if we all just smile some more and just be nice to everyone then this world will be a lot better off. So let try it?


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Wow, I need a cat

Now this picture put a smile on my face.

I love cats.

picture found on stumbleupon

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Smile, Its contagious.

So it is March third, and this morning I woke up to snow, again! Hah and it is spring break for my sisters in a week or two. And we have snow. What a crazy world it is. Oh well, I am fine with it. I love snow, it makes me smile!

Oh the other day I wanted to try to just be overly happy in the morning. Usually I can be fairly grumpy, but I thought maybe if I am super happy I can pass it on to my family. Who are also not really morning people. At first they all thought I was completely crazy. And kept asking what was wrong with me. But after a while I started to have an effect on my family. They were all starting to be happier. It was funny. So to everyone out there. Smile, be happy. It spreads. It make take a bit of time. But it goes a long way. And its pretty great when you do.

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