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Spring Cleaning

Well at least it is spring cleaning for my computer. I have been meaning to do this for a while, you know when your downloads folder becomes so full you dread going to look for stuff, or you have 15 copies of your resume and cannot remember which one is the newest. Or even at the end of the semester where you have so many different copies of one assignment because you keep editing it sending it to your parners getting a new one back and well you get my point. My computer is a mess, also I have this computer that sucks in dust like no other, then it gets really hot because of the dust over heats and shuts down. Well the dust have been cleared out, my boyfriend has this canned air stuff that he uses to clean out his computers and he took it to clean out mine.

By the end of my spring cleaning I hope to have more space, even though I have tons of space…

I deleted a ton of stuff, and only got a few more GBs free, oh well 🙂

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Its that time again

Oh dear, the laundry basket is filling up and I am DREADING having to do laundry again… Really ask anyone I did laundry all the time at home. But here it is just not fun, not good, and just a pain seriously. Dragging the huge laundry thing down there filling them, waiting, running down in time so they are not moved, bring them back here, hanging them, having so smell wet laundry all day. Really it awful. But I know that if you leave it for longer there will be more to do and it just makes everything twice as frustrating. I still just dread it all the timmeeeeee!! I hate that. I loved laundry and now I don’t…… BLLARRGGGG

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Really unproductive today

So as I sit here, trying to type up my final assignment for the semester I cannot help to think back to the start of this semester, it feels so long ago. Months and months ago. I both love and hate the start of a semester. I love it because it is all new people all new classes, new things. But I don’t like it because it has been a nice long break, and getting back into the swing of things is tough. That is how I feel about the end of this semester. It felt like the beginning of a new semester when we came back from the strike and I have had a lot of trouble getting back into working. Usually when we start the semester you have a week or two just to get into things. But with this strike we had to just jump right back in, and it really did not work for me. I know this is probably what a lot of people felt. But still I cannot even wrap my head around the fact that if I just finished this paper I would be done this semester and I could focus on other things. But oh well me the procrastinator. Yay…

Today I was going to finish my paper because he had a computer group thing all day so that I would not get distracted, but what is the first thing I do when he leave, play on the computer… great. I am so smart. Then I decide to meet up with my friend, and we were going to head to the library together to go work on our final assignments. But nope we take 45 minutes just to get to school because we just talk and talk and then finally we get to the library, and then more talking, it didn’t help that I couldn’t even find the journals I needed to write my paper…. effffffff. So then I decide I will be definitely more productive if I go home…. well not at all, first I clean up around the house, put things away, do the dishes, sweep. Come on why do I do chores that I do not even like to do, just to not do my paper. Now after more wandering around the house I am now blogging, it is really rather frustrating. But I know that I will get it done it is just that it seems like such a daunting task. Blah.. Okay well I am going now. 🙂

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This week

Things that have to get done this week

  • Vote (Monday)
  • Study (Tuesday)
  • Education Class (Tuesday)
  • Psych Exam (Tuesday)
  • Work 9-11:30 (Wednesday)
  • Interview 3 pm (Wednesday)
  • Work 9-12 3-5 (Thursday)
  • Work 9-5 (Friday)
  • Cyc papers (Due Friday)
And these are things that need to get done in the time between those things
  • Get Simons Birthday Present
  • Taxes
  • Papers
  • Laundry
And I am sure there will be more, so now I am going to get off this website to get work done blahhhh….
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Mollie vs The Laundry room part 2

Blah, so I thought I would wash so blankets since we have been sick and coughing on everything. So I dragged all the blankets down stairs in my laundry basket. But it is heavy, and got down there and there was a lady using tow, another was in use and the other is broken down. So I dragged it all back upstairs and am waiting, I really do not want to go back down there and have to bring it all back up, so not sure what to do…… I SO WISH THAT I HAD MY OWN WASHING MACHINE HERE

And since i am sick it took so much out of me just dragging it down there. Now I feel like I need a nap. Stupid laundry room and sickness

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I guess maybe it is that I shop for deals not but its like I am obsessed with finding flyers now. Every store I go into I grab the flyer and search for deals. Like I plan that I will quickly stop in at stores, or grab the newspaper with the most flyers, so that I can find deals. I think I am crazy sometimes!

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A long day today.

So this morning I woke up, had a good sleep, Simon didn’t, we fought a bit and had to go to help his mom today, so he left mad. Now this is one thing that bugs me, when people leave mad, because I am always worried. I know that when I leave some where mad that everything just gets worse, because I over think everything. So lets hope it all works out for later. I have a job interview today, should be interesting. Should clean a bit today. I hope that the day gets better as it goes. Hmmm

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