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Thank you.

I have not written in a while and this is not a happy “I am back” post. This is a sad “I need to get something said” post. That is your warning.

I recently lost someone in my life. This person was not really close to me in the recent years but was there for most of my life. Let’s call her S. S was my next door neighbor at my parents house. She and her husband lived beside me from when we moved into the house (I was three) and still live there. Well her husband does. Anyways she past away last week and I was upset about it. I had not seen her as frequently in the past few years since I moved away from home. But it wasn’t until I went back home today, sitting on my mom’s back porch I read about her passing in the paper. My mom reminded me that we would be going over to see her husband later to bring him a card and give him our condolences. I broke, it was then I really realized what an important person in my life I had lost.

Now, you may think “Come on, this was just a neighbor.” No, they were not just our neighbors, they were probably some of the worlds greatest neighbors. I am not exaggerating this time. They were retired, and had children and gran children of their own. They understood kids and loved us. I have so many memories of playing in their yard and gardens, she kept them so beautiful. They were magic. Upon finding out how much we loved their gardens, they made us trails in the woods of their backyard. They put in our own gate between our yard and theirs, and made us enchanted trails. I will not even give justice to how beautiful these trails were. They twisted around the trees, the path was made with wood chips with rocks lining it. Everywhere along the path were ceramic statues of animals, angels and beautiful things. How many hours spent running though those trails I will not even be able to tell you. They were always adding to it as well, new creatures to find!

It wasn’t even just that, when they got a puppy, obviously we wanted to play with it all of the time, they didn’t mind. Then there were the grapes, now they grew the yummiest grapes in the world. So of course we were always over there picking the grapes, and when we missed coming over for a while they would bring us buckets of them. There were always so many! It was even the small things that made them special, when we would come over they would have little treats for us. Or wood carvings for our barbies, yes my barbies had a few pieces of real wood furniture. Even when our pets past away they would build us custom stakes with the pets initials.

Okay I guess these are all things they both did. But S was one of those special people. She always built me up, always making me feel special and better about myself. There are so many people in this world that aim to tear you down. She just built you up, telling me and my sisters how beautiful we were and that we are so kind. She was just one of those really special people. She was always smiling, always happy and so sweet. She really cared for everyone. She is missed terribly. Seeing her husband was so tough, he was so upset and misses her. Understandably. But the point for this post is that I want to thank her for being such a special person to me. I know I never really got the chance to thank her fully for what she and her husband did for me growing up. I really hope that when I have children they will have special neighbors like it did.

Thank you S, for everything you did. The light that you shined will always be with me.

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My wants… job wise

I want a job that I want to wake up and go too.

Recently I had my reading break from school, and my boyfriend took the time off with me because he had some extra days from his vacation time left. During the week, he wanted to work, he wanted to get back to what he was doing, not because it was boring here but he just really likes what he does. He wants to finish the projects he is working on. I want that. It is frustrating because I am in school, heading towards a degree for something that I do not know if I want at all…

I guess it is tough so see people who know exactly what they want and are doing what they want to be doing. And then just sitting back and being like I have no idea…

Found this on this weeks post secret site.

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Is it really to early for Christmas?

Okay now my opinion is you cannot start celebrating the next holiday until the one before it is over. So yes I have Remembrance Day tomorrow before I can really get into the whole Christmas spirit.

However and this is only how I feel, well my mom as well, but that is beyond the point. What I am trying to get across is that really if someone wants to celebrate early it should be their decision  Like if it is making them happy then what is the problem. I hear some friends and family moaning and groaning when they see Christmas decorations up or whatever. But really is the sight of the decorations really hurting you? Just because Starbucks has their Christmas cups out is that really a problem? I mean there are bigger things to complain about. And really if that is all you have to moan and groan about then you have got to be pretty lucky… But think maybe someone is having a hard day, they walk into a store and see the beautiful Christmas decorations, and smile thinking about the wonderful time of year coming up, with the colours family and joy? Now isn’t that worth it? The joy on some people faces…

I don’t know I guess it just bugs me that people are complaining when really it is NOT a big deal at all

Booo all you Grinches out there… Haha  sorry just needed to get that out there I guess…

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Are you scared of Halloween?

Fun fact of the day…

Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween


Now my opinion about this is that really, the fear of Halloween? I think that there are just so many made up words for things for people to be scared of. However, I do understand irrational fears… haha

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How about a little update?

An update to further my struggle with procrastination… awesome

Anyways I feel that the only thing I ever post is my fun facts, which is actually completely true! But I am in my fourth year at university now. I have just gotten my practicum in a grade five class. And oh yes I am scared to bits, but I think in a way that is a good thing, because I would wonder if something was up if I wasn’t scared. So all is fine and dandy in that aspect I guess. Moving on, right now I am trying to write a lesson plan for my Monday class, so yes I am working on it a bit early but really not by much. I just thought if something comes up I do not want to be up until the wee hours scrounging up a lesson plan Sunday night. But at the rate I am going right now I feel that is what I will be doing. Oh I also moved into a new apartment, same building just bigger so that the bf can have his own office. Having it in the living room was quite a hassle when he needed to work and I had friends over… The down side to this place is that we have neighbors all around and the ones above us are up partying super late often and constantly drop their cigarette butts and ashes onto our desk. Super gross and super annoying.

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I cannot stand screamo music. AT ALL. Not sure why… I am open to most music, yeah sure country music is not my favourite, but just listening to a song with someone screaming in it is like fingernails against a chalkboard. I just cringe. BAH and I get so angry, no matter how happy I am, if a song with some of the screaming comes on I just feel angry. WHY?!?!


And of course my boyfriend loves screamo… awesome.

And that is my rant.

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Just like my momma

My mom is such a good person. She is always friendly, nice and selfless, always putting others before herself. I wish I could be more like that. She often reminds me to just let things go, there are always going to be mean people in my life, and to just move on. I just find it hard to forgive and forget. Maybe one day I will learn.

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What I have learned this year.

Sitting, and thinking about everything that has happened in these past months.

First of all I officially started my schooling to become a teacher, and it has not been easy. But I have two and half years of school to go. That is exciting! Anyways I have learned a lot, and many times I have questioned, is this really what I want? I love teaching and working with children, but learning everything that relates to the job is a little over whelming. As well everything that you have to follow and how easily your career can be ruined. It is rather terrifying. Not that I would be one to break rules, everyone that knows me knows I follow rules. Always. But hearing stories of teachers being destroyed by rumours. Oh my goodness. It is crazy. As well as all the politics surrounding teachers.

Second thing I have learned, people change. And not always is it for the better. When I stood up for myself, and not let people walk all over me I realized many people really are not good friends. And many are not even worth the effort of trying to be friends. I guess what I am trying to say is that I have learned not to try to hold onto to something that is really not there anymore. And seriously that is hard. I have struggled with it. The memories of what was once a great thing brings me down, because I want that back. But it is gone. People have changed, so what was in the past is not coming back. I struggled with letting that go. Just thinking about it right now is so difficult. But I am moving on. I have some pretty special friends right now. They really care, and I need to have them around and push away the thought of what I had.

Next thing I learned is that it is okay to not be okay. I mean that if you know you are having a hard time, accept that. Do not keep going, you will break. And that is fine too. In no way does that not make you weak.

Finally I have learned; never underestimate that people who stay by your side when you are at your worst. Because they are the ones that are in it for the long haul. They love you, I mean really love you.

My mom taught me something that I feel is so important.

One minute. One hour. One day.

Meaning take it a little bit at a time

I know myself and I know I take on way too much all the time. And I just need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and take everything one step at a time.

It is going to be okay.

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Please, I need your votes!

Again, please vote. Wednesday she was five thousand something this morning she is two thousand. Oh my goodness super exciting. Please vote and daily if possible. Thanks ♥

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Important to donate!

Fun fact of the day… the Poppy Campaign is one of the Royal Canadian Legion’s most important programs. The money raised from donations to the campaign provides direct assistance for Veterans in financial distress, as well as funding for medical appliances and research, home services, and care facilities.

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