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Even I can help but play on these sites…

I found a few sites that would be cool for almost any age group.

They are a little tough to figure out but once you play around on them a bit they are pretty cool!

So definitely check them out, and show the kids in your life too, I bet they will enjoy them as well

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Beach day… but not so much

Don’t you hate when you plan something and the weather just does not act how it should at all, even though it is the summer?  I find that happens very often. It was quite funny growing up because my friend had a pool and every time she planned a pool party it would rain and I am talking EVERY SINGLE TIME. It was really funny, then whenever one of her friends are something planning a pool party at her house it never rained, annoying for her but it was pretty funny for the rest of us 🙂

Anyways today is the beach day at the daycare I work at, but looking at the forecast for today well not even just today, for the whole week it is supposed to rain. Now seeing as though my job is in a few towns over from where I live there may be different weather, but usually it is pretty similar. I am kinda bummed though. I was really looking forward to this beach day, and really beaches are no fun if it is raining, especially with kids. I can just see a lot of complaining if it is raining and they don’t get the beach day we have been planning for a while. So lets keep our fingers crossed for sun for today! It would be so nice, also nice weather for this weekend as well. My sister has a tournament for softball that I would really like to watch.

Blah! Don’t you see that it is summer now, I know that I am not the biggest fan of the sun (I burn super easily) but as least a not rainy and a little warm would be a nice way to kick of this summer! Please and thank you!

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Powerpoint and Kids

Many kids when going through school use powerpoint to make projects and presentations. But I know from experience that many kids just kinda play around with it until they get a setting that is good enough. I found this website that is pretty helpful with that sorta thing. It shows all these different things that you can do. It is actually pretty cool, definitely worth checking out if you have kids that use powerpoint, or even if they want to make a cool project on their own free time 🙂

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Happy Bus Drivers?

Yesterday I had to take a few buses around town, and all the bus drivers were very happy, they were whistling, and singing. Even saying hi to the people as they walked on. Now do not get me wrong this is not complaining about happy bus drivers, it is great, just does not happen that often. It kinda caught me off guard. It is sometimes common that you get a nice bus driver but so many in a row, now that is unheard of. I really started to think maybe that all had a nice long break and well yeah not going to go on about that…

So after being greeted I sat down in front of these two girls, first they went on and on about tanning and prom, then they started talking about the bus driver and how he was really going quick, which he was not. I guess they had not taken that bus before because no offence to them but it is a highway you are supposed to go a little faster… but who knows maybe he was going faster I just never thought about it then I guess. Anyways they continued to chat, and they were loud, I could hear them talking even over the music so I continued to listen. One of the girls told the other that she had garbage, but since this bus driver was nice, and she liked him she will actually take the garbage off the bus. So do you hear that bus drivers? If you are friendly you will get less garbage thrown on your bus… even though his bus was really messy. But who knows this bus driver could just taken over a mean drivers messy bus. I think that is what I would like to think 🙂

Anyways bus drivers, I like you more when you are whistling!

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Thank you for your kindness

On the weekend I was not happy, I kept having to deal with rude people. It was really frustrating. I don’t remember where it started but one thing was a woman came on the bus made me move because she didn’t want to walk around me when it would have been about the same distance to get to her seat, then she wanted me to move again so she could be right by the door holding on when she got off, and I was just trying to hold on so I wouldn’t fall. It is not like the bus was crowded and the stop she was getting off was an exchange so the bus driver waits there. She was  so inconsiderate and it frustrated me.

Another thing that happened earlier in the week was when this older lady got so made at this younger girl because she did not have the same beliefs as her. The old lady kept trying to give her papers on what she should believe. The younger girl continued to say no and was very polite. All I have to say is if someone tried to tell me that what I believe is wrong and that I should believe in what they believe and kept pushing it on me. I would not be so happy, and probably not as polite as that girl. Anyways I was so fed up with people.

Sunday came around and my boyfriend and I went to a garage sale. We saw a table we liked and asked how much they said $30 then asked if we had just started out (just moved out) We told them yes, and said we like the table but have no way to get it back to our place that day. The lady then said I will sell it to you for $15 and I will get my husband to deliver it later. Then she asked about some side tables if I like them I said yes but I am not sure where I would put them. She also showed me these beautiful blown glass cats she imported. I bought three little cats and a duck because they were so cute and insisted on selling them to me so cheap. There were bigger glass figures but I knew that I shouldnt be spending too much money.

Anyways that night the wife called to make sure we were home to deliver the table she then asked my boyfriend if his sweet girlfriend (me 🙂 ) would like the side tables. He accepted and when the husband out here to deliver the table he gave us the side tables free. And then ran back out to the car and handed my boyfriend a wrapped package. He told my boyfriend it’s from my wife. When back inside I opened it up to find the glass cat that I had wanted but did not say anything because  felt it would be rude to keep pointing out things I like but didn’t buy.

So thank you to the couple for the random acts of kindness, you made my week brighter and we really appreciate it! And I cannot express how grateful we are!!!

Our new table

The glass cat she gave me

One of the cats I bought

Looks like my pumpkin 🙂

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Decisions that are still hard even after they are made

A few weeks ago I had to chose between two things. It was difficult. Even now after already making the decision dealing with everything that is part of my decision is hard. I wish it was easier, but it was then it wouldn’t be the same. I have learned a lot from the choices I have made, and will continue to learn. The one thing I really need to focus on now is to not keep looking back at what could have been. I seem to be doing that a lot. Just continuously thinking well that could have happened or maybe that would have been better or easier. The fact is that I have made my choice and I need to adapt to that.


But believe me, its still hard, every single day.

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Thanks a lot phone…

A few months back I brought a new phone and I am always learning things about it, recently I found a site with the tip Andriod apps to download onto your phone. Obviously I had to check it out.

Anyways there were a few I tried downloading and they were cool, but then I tried downloading tap tap and it says that it is not compatible with my phone, and then I tried more apps and they still were all not compatible with my phone.

What I do not understand it that it is a pretty new phone. Why would there be apps that are not compatible with it? And why so many? I am getting pretty frustrated with that. But oh well, thought I would just get that out of my system.

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Why do I not have every single thing on this list in my house?

I was recently on stumbleupon and found this site! It is absolutely amazing! I really wonder why these things have not been created! They are so smart! Haha well most of them I am not so sure I trust the Robot weed puller! haha

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I need to get out more

One thing you need to know for this story is that I work in a daycare.

So this one boy (in kindergarten) came in to school on a monday with his nails painted, they were so cool. They were the new thing, where it has a bottom coat then the top coat is like cracked off or something. I was very jealous, I have been wanting to know how to do this for a while. So I ignored if for a while till yesterday I just had to know. I pulled him aside and asked him how did he get his nails like that. He explained that his sister did them, then he told me how to do it!

I feel silly, that I have to ask kindergarten boys how to do my nails. Oh well. Heh 🙂

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Honestly, when I found out it was National chocolate ice cream day, I smiled. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate chocolate ice cream day. At first I was worried that I did not have any  ice cream. But then I remembered the big tub of it I just bought 🙂 It is actually neapolitan  but that is the best way. So you can have a bit of everything.

Anyways, celebrate by having some chocolate ice cream today! I know I will!!

Ps for anyone that has vanilla ice cream so often, and wants more from it. Try adding jam. It is so good. I know this because my dad would often only buys vanilla ice cream, and it just got so boring. Until one day my cousin came over, she asked if we had any jam to go with her ice cream… I thought she was crazy. But we all tried it and it was so good. Especially with homemade jam! YUM!!

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