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Wise words from a wise woman.

For the past couple days I have definitely not been myself. I have been feeling a little down, under the weather. I have been struggling with many decisions. They are not my usual simple decisions that I really just over think and should just get over it. These are really important ones.

I found that one of the hardest things was I am afraid to make the wrong choice. A choice that would really mess up what was going on in my life. I think that is what I am most afraid of. Making the wrong choice. Because what if… And then you see I go on in circles well what if this and what if that. Trust me, my what ifs go on and on.

So this decision has been all I have been thinking about, it’s all I talk about,  and I even keep having nightmares about it. It really has taken over my life. I guess in some ways that is a good thing, because I am not taking on my procrastinating ways and leaving it until the last moment.

In many times of trouble I called someone who I knew could help me. Well at least I hoped.

I called my mom, I explained everything to her, even started to tear up just from the pure frustration and pressure I was feeling. She didn’t tell me what to do, even when I begged and begged. I just wanted someone to tell me what to do, I had gone back and forth with what to do for so long. But no, she said its all up to me. She then said one of the most important things. It took me a while to figure out how valuable her words are.

She told me to “Remember there is no wrong decision just a different outcome.”

When on the phone with her I just didn’t really take it in what she had just told me. I just wanted the choice to be made.

It was not until she reminded me today that I really thought about it. The decision I have does not have a wrong choice. It just has different outcomes. It seems so simple, why did I not think of it before. I had let my head cloud over with all these what ifs, and issues and everything. But those words helped me more than anything else.

I have almost made my choice, I still have a few things to work out but I can promise you I am close.

But I have to say, when facing a tough decision, really remember that there is not a wrong one. It does help.

And thank you to my mom, who knew exactly what to say to help me. Even when I didn’t even know it.

Mom, you are one of the smartest people I know. Thank you

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Blog Readers, I am sorry.

I made a commitment to write a blog every day. I wanted to do at least a daily celebration everyday. I wanted to become a blog that people read everyday. But I have fallen very short of that. I have not posted in a couple days. We have missed very important (well to some, probably not to others) days. I wanted to write little stories about my life. But that really has not been happening recently. It is not that I have been lacking in things to tell, I just am kinda feeling down lately. Just that this blog really is not that important. I am not sure. As well I have a huge decision to make by tomorrow. It is definitely taking its toll on me.

So I apologize to anyone that reads my blogs often, I will try better I promise.

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Hope you have a Whale of a day.

Happy Whale everyone.

Now only if I was working today I could draw pictures of whales for the children at the daycare to colour… it is really hard to draw pictures of scotch tape for them to colour… haha.

Those are for people that want colouring pages but do not want to draw them out 🙂

Anyways, my favourite whale by far is the orca whale I think they are so amazing! I use to beg my grama to take me to the aquarium all the time to see them. Though I know it is bad for them to be trapped in an aquarium.


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Are you good at making decisions?

Decisions and I do not get along, at all! I often over think everything. I have to take in all possible outcomes, all things that could go wrong, and everything that will work out for me. Even if it is as simple as going out for the night. Believe me, I would make a pro and con list for everything if I could. Even though those still don’t help me. Another this that I do, this really annoys people, is I ask for someones opinion and then find another person and ask for theirs. It is not that I do not trust the first person that I asked, it is that I just like to get many points of view.

But big decisions are horrible for me, I lose sleep, I stress and worry about it. Some say that it is good that I take decisions in my life so carefully, but believe me it is not good. I sometimes wish that I could just be carefree and make decisions on a whim. But that is really just not me at all.

Even when out shopping, people get so frustrated with how long I take to decide what to buy, that my friends have just gotten fed up and have either left, or complaining that they want to leave.

I am not sure what to do about becoming a better decision maker, or how to find a more efficient ways to choose between things.

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My reason to celebrate today is scotch tape!

I read that on this day in 1930 scotch tape was patented. Thank goodness for that. I use it everyday. Though I do not think that the patent would have much effect on me now, I am sure it still would have been widely popular.

You know what is weird though, I love the smell of scotch tape. Hah, I am not sure why, and it is not like I open a new pack just to smell them. I just like the smell when I am using the tape! 🙂

I think scotch tape is very helpful, I use it to take lint off my clothes, wrap presents, everything!

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Blueberry Cheese Cake Day!

(Image found on google)

Happy Blueberry Cheesecake Day!

Believe me, I wish I had a piece of blueberry cheesecake right now. I am not the hugest fan of cheesecake though. I enjoy a small piece. But this piece looks really good. I know this is kinda late but maybe you guys can get a piece to celebrate.

What is your favourite kind of cheesecake?

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Brown Bags, and Tap Dancing

According to some sites I have found it is Brown bag-it day and Tap dancing day.

Unfortunatley I read this too late and did not put my lunch in a brown bag. Also I do not know how to tap dance, or have tap dancing shoes, I will however (later today) pretend that I have tap shoes on at work and dance around 🙂

Enjoy your day!

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…. .- .–. .–. -.– — — .-. … . -.-. — -.. . -.. .- -.–

Guess what that is….

Well I am sure you can get, its morse code, but I bet you can figure it out? Unless you know morse code. Though I pretty sure there are not to many people that do… Maybe there are though… Oh well.

So …. .- .–. .–. -.–   — — .-. … .   -.-. — -.. .   -.. .- -.– !

Which means Happy Morse Code Day

Yep that is right, though many people celebrate this on April 27th. I find that a lot of these celebrations have two days that they are celebrated on which does confuse me a little but oh well.

I always thought morse code was very cool, and many times in high school my friends I thought if we learned morse code then we could talk in class and not get caught. We never got around to learning it though. Which is probably for the better because I think a teacher would catch onto people tapping repetitively on the desks quite quickly. Thinking about that actually a teacher would probably be more annoyed with continuous tapping then talking. Imagine it for a second… Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap…. yep  definitely worse then a few whispers. And I am sure that since we would probably only a very limited amount of morse code talking would be confusing. I think words would get mixed up a lot! Causing the teens to start talking, and a very annoyed teacher… Good thing we were not productive teenagers…

Anyways here is a site to get your morse code translations

Have fun!

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Unfortunate for the snails

Happy escargot day everyone! Well not to the snails I guess, I wonder how many people will actually eat escargot just for the celebration of escargot day? I can say that I have never had escargot and don’t really plan to anytime soon. I think it is funny because escargot is such a well known food simply because people think eating snails is weird. I know that I found out about it through movies and shows, making fun of it or having people grossed out by eating it. You know those movies where someone eat something and they say “Yummm, what is this?” the common answer is “Escargo” and then the person who was eating it is grossed out and spit it out.

But I guess it is all in the mind, if you are eating something that is good and you don’t know maybe it is for the better. Being a vegetarian kinda saves me from that a little 🙂

Anyways, to all of you out there eating snails today, enjoy one for me!

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National Vegetarian Week

Happy vegetarian week everyone! Especially to all you vegetarians out there! I just took the pledge.. even though I have been a vegetarian for a while I still did, I liked reading all the other pledges from people check that out here

That website it pretty cool to check out, to bad I am not from the UK because they were taking about free booklets to people within the UK.

Another website that was pretty cool was (except that one says the veggie week is different, oh well more veggie weeks are okay with me! )

Enjoy your veggies everyone!

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