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on April 17, 2011

Since i work in a daycare and I have not been working there long I get sick, and often, all the children are coming in with colds all the time so obviously I am bound to get some of them. Anyways started feeling a little under the weather earlier this week till Friday I was just plain sick and now I feel really gross, but I think because I am sick so often that I am use to it, or maybe my immune system is getting a lot better, because I kinda know what I need and yeah. But Simon on the other hand does not get sick that often, but now since we are together all the time he gets whatever I have and now he has it bad, and I honestly feel like a horrible person because I gave it to him. Obviously you cannot control who you pass your colds and sicknesses to, but I feel bad really bad. And Hes just laying in bed and I just want to help but he just wants to rest. And I don’t know what to do I want to help but I know he just needs his rest. And I’m frustrated because tomorrow I have school and since it is easter next weekend and we have Monday off and VIU didn’t go back until Tuesday last week this is my only day for Monday classes, but I feel so run down in the mornings, and I feel really not good. So what am I suppose to do? I know that I should go but one of my classes we spend the first while just playing games, and I am definitely not up for that. And then my night class that I have goes on forever, and I really just want to rest, so what am I going to do?


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