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Fun fact of the day…

A python family of 23 babies, one none-too-pleased 2.5m mum, and 41 egg shells have recently been found in a wall at childcare center in Australia .

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Pets in Japan

Fun fact of the day…

There are more pets in Japan than children

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Maybe this is why they are not so fond of veggies

Fun fact of the day…

Children have more taste buds than adults

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They grow fast anyways…

Fun fact of the day…

Children grow faster in the spring .

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I think it is very funny when children try and guess your age.

Last week they thought I was about 15, maybe 16.

This week 29, maybe 35….

Oh dear… they are either way low or way high.. 🙂

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I find that when working with kids, when they have varying age ranges can be good, where the older kids help the younger ones and the younger ones look up to the older kids. The problem is when you have kids that are young and very immature. At camp we plan games that all of the kids can participate in. But most games are a lot easier for older kids, in games like capture the flag, dodge ball, and many running and throwing games it is hard for the younger ones to keep up. And it is hard for the older ones to have to be held back so much to be fair to the younger ones. Also when the younger ones cheat.

I have talked to the older kids about how they are younger they don’t know as much as you. But still I see it is hard when they just want to play the games and they have to always be careful. For example the younger kids cannot run as fast, but it’s not far to tell the older ones they cannot tag the younger ones as often. Because the younger kids get tagged even a little too hard and they cry.

I am not really sure what else I could be doing that would help.

And for all of these scenarios I know that it is not all kids I have many kids that are younger and are amazing at games. And even older kids that act exactly like they are younger ones.

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I definitely have not tried this recipe yet, but I am keeping it in my back pocket, well not literally. Hah!

But yes I know kids love chalk, I saw kids at many ages just playing with it.

I think it would also be a good idea to make it with the kids, so they can see the process, obviously I would want to make it before taking it in to them just to understand everything. I have definitely made that mistake before…. taken something into teach and not tried it first…. not a good idea…… hah

Anyways if you do try this out let me in on some tips 🙂






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Beach day… but not so much

Don’t you hate when you plan something and the weather just does not act how it should at all, even though it is the summer?  I find that happens very often. It was quite funny growing up because my friend had a pool and every time she planned a pool party it would rain and I am talking EVERY SINGLE TIME. It was really funny, then whenever one of her friends are something planning a pool party at her house it never rained, annoying for her but it was pretty funny for the rest of us 🙂

Anyways today is the beach day at the daycare I work at, but looking at the forecast for today well not even just today, for the whole week it is supposed to rain. Now seeing as though my job is in a few towns over from where I live there may be different weather, but usually it is pretty similar. I am kinda bummed though. I was really looking forward to this beach day, and really beaches are no fun if it is raining, especially with kids. I can just see a lot of complaining if it is raining and they don’t get the beach day we have been planning for a while. So lets keep our fingers crossed for sun for today! It would be so nice, also nice weather for this weekend as well. My sister has a tournament for softball that I would really like to watch.

Blah! Don’t you see that it is summer now, I know that I am not the biggest fan of the sun (I burn super easily) but as least a not rainy and a little warm would be a nice way to kick of this summer! Please and thank you!

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Powerpoint and Kids

Many kids when going through school use powerpoint to make projects and presentations. But I know from experience that many kids just kinda play around with it until they get a setting that is good enough. I found this website that is pretty helpful with that sorta thing. It shows all these different things that you can do. It is actually pretty cool, definitely worth checking out if you have kids that use powerpoint, or even if they want to make a cool project on their own free time 🙂

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A site for kids!

This would be a good site to go on with your kids, super cute, and very creative!

Picture found on google

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