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Spring Cleaning

Well at least it is spring cleaning for my computer. I have been meaning to do this for a while, you know when your downloads folder becomes so full you dread going to look for stuff, or you have 15 copies of your resume and cannot remember which one is the newest. Or even at the end of the semester where you have so many different copies of one assignment because you keep editing it sending it to your parners getting a new one back and well you get my point. My computer is a mess, also I have this computer that sucks in dust like no other, then it gets really hot because of the dust over heats and shuts down. Well the dust have been cleared out, my boyfriend has this canned air stuff that he uses to clean out his computers and he took it to clean out mine.

By the end of my spring cleaning I hope to have more space, even though I have tons of space…

I deleted a ton of stuff, and only got a few more GBs free, oh well 🙂

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Oh groceries…

So went food shopping a few times in the past few days, just because sales just changed and needed random things. Anyways I wish groceries would cost less!!! Seriously. I spend so much money just on groceries. Also it is not something that can just be avoided. I can’t just not eat. All I have to say is thank goodness I am a vegetarian because I have been looking at the prices of meat and woooowwwww! Hahah so I like to think that I save money on being a vegetarian. That I am saving so much! Haha

I must say that I do shop around and am constantly checking grocery stores flyers and usually looking for coupons.

But I think one thing that I really have to learn is that I really cannot have exactly what I want when I want it. I am use to being able to just go out and get whatever I want that day to eat. Just because obviously living with your parents you do not have to worry about all the expenses you do when you are moved out. I have decided now that when I pack a lunch for school I will really eat that, and not decided on my lunch break that I want a grapefruit or a muffin instead and go get one. I will think if I want a grapefruit, look around for the best deals then get them. Or looking into making muffins. I will of course treat myself occasionally when it is necessary.

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Its that time again

Oh dear, the laundry basket is filling up and I am DREADING having to do laundry again… Really ask anyone I did laundry all the time at home. But here it is just not fun, not good, and just a pain seriously. Dragging the huge laundry thing down there filling them, waiting, running down in time so they are not moved, bring them back here, hanging them, having so smell wet laundry all day. Really it awful. But I know that if you leave it for longer there will be more to do and it just makes everything twice as frustrating. I still just dread it all the timmeeeeee!! I hate that. I loved laundry and now I don’t…… BLLARRGGGG

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Ohh dear…

So we have kept the receipts on what we have bought this month… it is not something that I want to to keep thinking about. But then the first month is always the hardest because you have to start from scratch. And buy everything, and plus we did buy things like shower curtains, drying wrack, and stocked up on lots of sale items. We kept all the receipts on a magnet on the fridge. Well even my strong magnets could not hold them all up, and so I had to find a new spot…. Lets hope we spend less next month.. Heh

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This week

Things that have to get done this week

  • Vote (Monday)
  • Study (Tuesday)
  • Education Class (Tuesday)
  • Psych Exam (Tuesday)
  • Work 9-11:30 (Wednesday)
  • Interview 3 pm (Wednesday)
  • Work 9-12 3-5 (Thursday)
  • Work 9-5 (Friday)
  • Cyc papers (Due Friday)
And these are things that need to get done in the time between those things
  • Get Simons Birthday Present
  • Taxes
  • Papers
  • Laundry
And I am sure there will be more, so now I am going to get off this website to get work done blahhhh….
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Mollie vs the laundry room part three.

Now okay I am obviously having a lot more issues with this laundry room than anyone else. Everyone is this building seems to be fine and well adjusted to them. I know that for obvious reasons (we are new here, I am use to having my own laundry machines, being able to use them whenever I want, them being located right outside of my room) I have had some adjusting to do. But with that being said, its difficult to get adjusted when the dryer doesnt even fully dry my clothes, and people touch my laundry. Okay I have been told the rules on the laundry room by other people who live in apartment building that if it is left for long periods of time it can be moved. I don’t know I just think this is a personal thing but I feel uncomfortable with other people touching my stuff. I put my stuff in the washing machine came upstairs set a time and when down when the time was up and I always set it for less time so I will be right there when it is done. Yes I did get held up in my room for like 3 minutes because I decided to put my dishes away but when I came down someone has moved it. Yes I understand that other people need to do laundry to, but personally that you should give the person ten minutes to get their stuff. From the time you got there. I would never just come down to the laundry room and move it. I think thats not fair. but again I am the new person. I am the one who doesnt fully know the rules. I think though that I am going to want to start waiting down there for my laundry again. I feel bad getting so angry with this person. And obviously she thought it was not a big deal. So I guess it is not fair for me to get so mad about it. I just well … I guess I kinda just worked that out all through this post…

I still just want a washer and dryer in my own apartment… these would be nice, I would love to be able to watch my laundry spin 🙂

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Making Salad

Simon asked me to make a salad the other night so I was washing it and I found one that looked like a cup, and it actually worked. It was pretty cool. I was super excited.

Yeah I am a dork, so what.

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Mollie vs The Laundry room part 2

Blah, so I thought I would wash so blankets since we have been sick and coughing on everything. So I dragged all the blankets down stairs in my laundry basket. But it is heavy, and got down there and there was a lady using tow, another was in use and the other is broken down. So I dragged it all back upstairs and am waiting, I really do not want to go back down there and have to bring it all back up, so not sure what to do…… I SO WISH THAT I HAD MY OWN WASHING MACHINE HERE

And since i am sick it took so much out of me just dragging it down there. Now I feel like I need a nap. Stupid laundry room and sickness

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Mollie vs Laundry Room

Okay so since my last post about the laundry room I have attempted doing laundry a few more times. So the next time we tried we just brought it up and dried it here, we still didn’t have a good drying rack so again it was hung up around our house. It really sucks when you do a bunch of things (instead of a load of sweaters or something) I mean when you have a bunch of smaller things because  it is hard to find a lot of places to hang things. Anyways we decided to try out the dryers the next time. I still am a bit weary about leaving my laundry there unattended. I don’t know I am pretty positive that no one would go through it but eerrgghhh I don’t know it creeps me out. But anyways, we sat down there, waited for the laundry to finish in the washing machine and then we started it in the dryer. It took a while, I am definitely not use to a timed dryer the one at my parents house the time is broken so you kinda just leave it and guess, so the dryer was taking a while and with a pay dryer you cannot check to see if it is done because then you have to pay again. It finished and then I went to check, and everything was still damp. And Simon and I were definitely not willing to put another $1.50 in just to put them through, which would not even have taken ten minutes, and yes maybe it was a bigger load then it should have been but as I said before my dryer at home would have been fine because you just put it on for longer. So we brought our partly damp clothes upstairs and hung them again. Anyways we decided to wash the sheets a few days back and I knew that would not be something to put in the dryer because even at home when I do one sheet it gets all tangled up in the middle and doesn’t dry, we again brought it upstairs still not having a good drying rack we spread it across three chairs, Simon then asked if I would like to join him in the fort. I love him!

Anyways we had to do more laundry today and we have decided that we will no longer be using the dryers because they are just a hassle. We went out and brought a drying rack for $19.99 and as Simon pointed out after just 13 loads it will have saved us money. Well we did two loads today. And so only 11 more loads and we have saved money. So lets hope this works, the only thing that I am really concerned about the clothes smell damp (of course) when the come out of the washing machine and just hanging them around the house won’t affect the house will it? If we make sure to keep the fan going and the windows open during the day. I don’t know I just want to stay on the safe side.

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Had my family over for dinner…

Last night I thought it would be nice to have my family over for dinner. Simon made lentil soup and tomato soup for Sav because she doesn’t really like lentil soup and bread and mom went to get doughnuts for dessert. And I always seem to forget how much I really do miss them when I see them, I only wish that I was so sick because I feel kinda gross last night, I have a sore throat and was really cold. Simon and I went to bed so early last night, pretty much as soon as they left because we both just feel blarg, I do kinda feel bad though because I know it highly likely that I brought the cold in from the Daycare, and then he gets sick because he is around me. Its not really fair, and I don’t know what do it. So yeah kinda feeling pretty mean. But there is not anything I can do. Also I think that my mom and sister were ditching stuff around my house last night, I found this weird toy behind a picture frame and gave it back to savanah as she left but when I was laying in bed last night I saw one of my old stuffies that I left in some boxes at my moms house because I just had way to much stuff, and so it sitting on my dresser and I know I didn’t bring it. I wonder if this is moms way of bringing back all my stuffies that I left there (not that I want to get rid of them I just could fit them all in the car, and simon didn’t want them all here). But just so you know mom, I found them!

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