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A job for kids

Fun fact of the day…

Toys”R”Us, Canada has a ‘dream job’ opening, as it searches for an enthusiastic child who is passionate about toys to become its next Chief Play Officer (CPO). The job includes being the first to try out the hottest new toys and video games, and providing the inside scoop to parents and gift givers on the hottest toy trends on national TV.

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Science-y thing to do with kids!

I thought this was pretty cool when I found it.

Magical bubbles!

I was going to try it at the daycare. Well I am not sure how easy it would have been but oh well it would have been great fun.

If you try it let me know how it goes 🙂

I can’t wait to try though


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I definitely have not tried this recipe yet, but I am keeping it in my back pocket, well not literally. Hah!

But yes I know kids love chalk, I saw kids at many ages just playing with it.

I think it would also be a good idea to make it with the kids, so they can see the process, obviously I would want to make it before taking it in to them just to understand everything. I have definitely made that mistake before…. taken something into teach and not tried it first…. not a good idea…… hah

Anyways if you do try this out let me in on some tips 🙂






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Is it worth the respect?

Having worked in a daycare before the job I have now has helped me a lot. I have learned so much about how to deal with kids, how to react to kids and it has really helped. But one thing I have learned is you can’t just be a kid’s friend, if you are going to be a good teacher/instructor, the kids need to respect you. This means you have to be tough sometimes, and you will have to deal with the kids not liking you sometimes. I get that and I am okay with it, yeah it kinda sucks sometimes, when you have to get mad at the kids but then you earn respect right? They know that they cannot mess around and they get their act together with you. They listen when you talk because they know that is the rules.

It is just tough when you are the only person who feels that way. Right now I kinda feel like the only one who really deals with a lot of the kids at my work. I know the people I work with are good and when they see something they deal with it. But I seem to deal with a lot.  I know I am the one to often just stand to the sides when they are playing games so I can keep a count of the kids and watch for kids not getting along while everyone else is playing. So it means that I have had to deal with many kids, because I am the one who sees it all. But they don’t mess around when I say something. And I think that is good. I think having the respect is important right? It is like the parents who just want to be their kids best friend… well that does not work because when you do not discipline a child then they think they can get away with whatever and it makes it so much more difficult when you have to deal with that child later on. And then they just take over, and think they can do anything.

I don’t know maybe I am over reacting. I just miss my old job. There we were all on the same page about respect. And that you dealt with disrespect right away, and we were all the ones to discipline. We all took that on, so one person was not always the “mean teacher”. It was good it helped a lot. I think a lot of my problems are having to go from that job to the new one.

But honestly, I just miss my old job every single day. I just want to be back there, where I am respected, and cared about. I really don’t get the feeling like that at my new job, and that is hard. I honestly feel that if I didn’t go to work no one would notice or care too much. That it would be no different if I was there or if I wasn’t. But at my old job the kids loved me, and would miss me if I wasn’t there often, they would ask when I am going to be with them next, they would just want to be with me. Play games, colour, anything, they just like being with me. Also the ladies I worked with would say they liked having me around as well. So I really felt needed there. I guess that is my biggest problem. I just want to feel needed, and I don’t feel that at this job.

So what do I do?

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Hello new job….

After many hours spend dreading my new job, today was the day. It was my first day. You see I use to work at a daycare, and that was my dream job. I loved everything about it, well almost everything…. AHA! But it was amazing I would walk into work and have little girls running up to me and saying good morning and that they missed me. Also all of the kids there knew me, listened to me (for the most part :P) and they respected me, again mostly. Also this age group that I use to work with was 2-12 and there were ver few older kids they were mostly kindergartens. Anyways, I have had to work hard there to get the kids to know me and like me. Well going into a new job where you work with kids and they dont know you and they do not respect you is SO FRICKEN DIFFICULT!!!!!!

Especially because with this job there is so much for me to learn still and I am having a hard time learning everything, the boys that I work with know a lot more about it all than me. So today I was told by one of the kids that he wanted one of the other leaders to help him… great I am already the dumb one. Also these kids are ages 11-15… a very tough age to work with… So I will say now that it was hard today, with the first hour I wanted to go home, and the few hours after that as well. But then I was pair up with this one boy that just needed some extra encouragement. He asked me about my life, and just wanted to get to know me. After I nice long chat he told me that he is very gald I started working at byte camp… and things started to go up from there. I kinda got use to having to ask for help all the time. See I am very stubborn, and do not often ask for help… But you kinda gotta sometimes. But then it really made me see that I can make an impact still, that was really important to me.

I know this job will be tough. And it will be frustrating at times, but well, who knows what will happen we will see.

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Powerpoint and Kids

Many kids when going through school use powerpoint to make projects and presentations. But I know from experience that many kids just kinda play around with it until they get a setting that is good enough. I found this website that is pretty helpful with that sorta thing. It shows all these different things that you can do. It is actually pretty cool, definitely worth checking out if you have kids that use powerpoint, or even if they want to make a cool project on their own free time 🙂

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A site for kids!

This would be a good site to go on with your kids, super cute, and very creative!

Picture found on google

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