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Dinner, not the best one..

on April 3, 2011

So I decided that I would make dinner because both Simon and I were very tired and I was going to make dinner. He is a really good cook and has been making dinner for the past few night. I decided on something easy because well no need to explain that one. So I decided tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich and a salad so its was going well then I grabbed the pan lid and oh wow that was hot so I had to run my hand under cold water mean while the grilled cheese started burning. So I got all thats sorted then I pull out the salad and its all wilted,  and gah I was so frustrated. The soup was really not that good, maybe I am just not into tomato soup but it was not tasty. And the grilled cheese just not good, maybe I am just grumpy, so anything will set me off. But dealing with phone companies all day today. Will put you in a bad mood believe me.

Lets hope for a better tomorrow. I will be spending it alone. Grreeaaaaaaatt…


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