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They really had to have him…

Fun fact of the day…

The prototype of the original G.I. Joe doll sold for $200,000.

I guess they had to have the original.


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Imagine a bouquet of these…

Fun fact of the day…

The world’s biggest flower, found in the indonesian rainforest can grow wider then a car tire. It is called the Rafflesia.

…That is huge…

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And we will call you…

An 11 year old girl named the planet Pluto


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Slow as… nails?

Fingernails take about six months to grow from base to tip.

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Fun facts…

In Japan it is possible to buy watermelons shaped like pyramids

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Fun Fact

Todays fact, some honey bee queens quack!


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Todays fact

The tallest known snowman was higher than a 12-story building.

That would be fun.,2933,334088,00.html

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Fun fact of today…

Girls have more taste buds than boys do



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Fun fact of the day….

A sheep, a duck, and a rooster were the first passengers on a hot-air balloon.



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