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on May 8, 2015

I have not written in a while and this is not a happy “I am back” post. This is a sad “I need to get something said” post. That is your warning.

I recently lost someone in my life. This person was not really close to me in the recent years but was there for most of my life. Let’s call her S. S was my next door neighbor at my parents house. She and her husband lived beside me from when we moved into the house (I was three) and still live there. Well her husband does. Anyways she past away last week and I was upset about it. I had not seen her as frequently in the past few years since I moved away from home. But it wasn’t until I went back home today, sitting on my mom’s back porch I read about her passing in the paper. My mom reminded me that we would be going over to see her husband later to bring him a card and give him our condolences. I broke, it was then I really realized what an important person in my life I had lost.

Now, you may think “Come on, this was just a neighbor.” No, they were not just our neighbors, they were probably some of the worlds greatest neighbors. I am not exaggerating this time. They were retired, and had children and gran children of their own. They understood kids and loved us. I have so many memories of playing in their yard and gardens, she kept them so beautiful. They were magic. Upon finding out how much we loved their gardens, they made us trails in the woods of their backyard. They put in our own gate between our yard and theirs, and made us enchanted trails. I will not even give justice to how beautiful these trails were. They twisted around the trees, the path was made with wood chips with rocks lining it. Everywhere along the path were ceramic statues of animals, angels and beautiful things. How many hours spent running though those trails I will not even be able to tell you. They were always adding to it as well, new creatures to find!

It wasn’t even just that, when they got a puppy, obviously we wanted to play with it all of the time, they didn’t mind. Then there were the grapes, now they grew the yummiest grapes in the world. So of course we were always over there picking the grapes, and when we missed coming over for a while they would bring us buckets of them. There were always so many! It was even the small things that made them special, when we would come over they would have little treats for us. Or wood carvings for our barbies, yes my barbies had a few pieces of real wood furniture. Even when our pets past away they would build us custom stakes with the pets initials.

Okay I guess these are all things they both did. But S was one of those special people. She always built me up, always making me feel special and better about myself. There are so many people in this world that aim to tear you down. She just built you up, telling me and my sisters how beautiful we were and that we are so kind. She was just one of those really special people. She was always smiling, always happy and so sweet. She really cared for everyone. She is missed terribly. Seeing her husband was so tough, he was so upset and misses her. Understandably. But the point for this post is that I want to thank her for being such a special person to me. I know I never really got the chance to thank her fully for what she and her husband did for me growing up. I really hope that when I have children they will have special neighbors like it did.

Thank you S, for everything you did. The light that you shined will always be with me.


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