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Is it really to early for Christmas?

on November 10, 2012

Okay now my opinion is you cannot start celebrating the next holiday until the one before it is over. So yes I have Remembrance Day tomorrow before I can really get into the whole Christmas spirit.

However and this is only how I feel, well my mom as well, but that is beyond the point. What I am trying to get across is that really if someone wants to celebrate early it should be their decision  Like if it is making them happy then what is the problem. I hear some friends and family moaning and groaning when they see Christmas decorations up or whatever. But really is the sight of the decorations really hurting you? Just because Starbucks has their Christmas cups out is that really a problem? I mean there are bigger things to complain about. And really if that is all you have to moan and groan about then you have got to be pretty lucky… But think maybe someone is having a hard day, they walk into a store and see the beautiful Christmas decorations, and smile thinking about the wonderful time of year coming up, with the colours family and joy? Now isn’t that worth it? The joy on some people faces…

I don’t know I guess it just bugs me that people are complaining when really it is NOT a big deal at all

Booo all you Grinches out there… Haha  sorry just needed to get that out there I guess…


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