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What I have learned this year.

on March 5, 2012

Sitting, and thinking about everything that has happened in these past months.

First of all I officially started my schooling to become a teacher, and it has not been easy. But I have two and half years of school to go. That is exciting! Anyways I have learned a lot, and many times I have questioned, is this really what I want? I love teaching and working with children, but learning everything that relates to the job is a little over whelming. As well everything that you have to follow and how easily your career can be ruined. It is rather terrifying. Not that I would be one to break rules, everyone that knows me knows I follow rules. Always. But hearing stories of teachers being destroyed by rumours. Oh my goodness. It is crazy. As well as all the politics surrounding teachers.

Second thing I have learned, people change. And not always is it for the better. When I stood up for myself, and not let people walk all over me I realized many people really are not good friends. And many are not even worth the effort of trying to be friends. I guess what I am trying to say is that I have learned not to try to hold onto to something that is really not there anymore. And seriously that is hard. I have struggled with it. The memories of what was once a great thing brings me down, because I want that back. But it is gone. People have changed, so what was in the past is not coming back. I struggled with letting that go. Just thinking about it right now is so difficult. But I am moving on. I have some pretty special friends right now. They really care, and I need to have them around and push away the thought of what I had.

Next thing I learned is that it is okay to not be okay. I mean that if you know you are having a hard time, accept that. Do not keep going, you will break. And that is fine too. In no way does that not make you weak.

Finally I have learned; never underestimate that people who stay by your side when you are at your worst. Because they are the ones that are in it for the long haul. They love you, I mean really love you.

My mom taught me something that I feel is so important.

One minute. One hour. One day.

Meaning take it a little bit at a time

I know myself and I know I take on way too much all the time. And I just need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and take everything one step at a time.

It is going to be okay.

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