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A simple snowflake

This year is my first year away from my parents house at Christmas time, of course I will be there for Christmas, but the time before I will be at my apartment so I thought I should do some decorating. And obviously I have a great mum because she knew that I wanted to get a tree but I really didn’t have too much extra money. She went and found me a tree, it is being delivered tomorrow! Anyways I am excited but still money, not too much money to buy decorations or even ornaments… Kinda sucks, but I am just going to make some.

So tonight I made a snowflake out of paper, now I know what you are saying, that is really nothing new. Well this one I must say is pretty, and not that hard to make! When I first saw it, I thought I will never be able to make this, unless I focused and struggled, but oh my goodness, not the case at all. Its is really simple. Any ways here is how I made it…

So first you want to cut out a square

From your square(top) you want to fold it diagonally (on the right), then again (on the bottom).

From that you want to cut a few strips into one side, but do not cut all the way across!!

Now I am sure that you can do less strips or more if you would like.

Then open it up

This is probably the trickiest part, and it is not that bad

So what you want to do is take the two matching corners and you can either staple them on tape them together. I found that stapling held them better, and they didn’t pull or rip. You need to do this with each set of corners, start with one corner on one side, then flip the other to staple the corners so they are on the opposite side.

This is the first two corners stapled.

Once you have the first one done you are going to have to make five more!

Okay, once you made them all you are going to take the outer corner of each and staple them so that they are in a long line, now for this I taped it. But then had to staple them after because the tape was not sticking. Now this could be because my tape didn’t work so well.  So definitely use what works for you.

So you should have six of these diamond shapes, stapled together, side to side. Now take them and wrap the side that are not attached and staple them, this will now turn into your snowflake.
Now for the middle part I chose to tape them together, you could do whatever works for you.

This was my first time making this, is it super easy, and looks really nice. Even my boyfriend liked it!
Let me know how it goes for you! And I think this will be ever a craft that kids could try!

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Fun fact…

Today’s fun fact…

A queen bee can lay 2000 eggs per day in the spring

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Fun fact of the day…

Scorpions glow under black light

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Wow, Jupiter is really that big?

Today’s fun fact…

More than 1000 Earths could fit inside Jupiter

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Oh dear, I have been slacking…

Okay so these fun facts, they have not run out, not in the slightest… I have just gotten very busy. Anyways I am starting up again.. 🙂
Today’s fun fact…

The average major league baseball is only used for six pitches

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