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on August 11, 2011

I find that when working with kids, when they have varying age ranges can be good, where the older kids help the younger ones and the younger ones look up to the older kids. The problem is when you have kids that are young and very immature. At camp we plan games that all of the kids can participate in. But most games are a lot easier for older kids, in games like capture the flag, dodge ball, and many running and throwing games it is hard for the younger ones to keep up. And it is hard for the older ones to have to be held back so much to be fair to the younger ones. Also when the younger ones cheat.

I have talked to the older kids about how they are younger they don’t know as much as you. But still I see it is hard when they just want to play the games and they have to always be careful. For example the younger kids cannot run as fast, but it’s not far to tell the older ones they cannot tag the younger ones as often. Because the younger kids get tagged even a little too hard and they cry.

I am not really sure what else I could be doing that would help.

And for all of these scenarios I know that it is not all kids I have many kids that are younger and are amazing at games. And even older kids that act exactly like they are younger ones.


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