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I imagined, and it happened

on July 28, 2011

Many months ago when I found out Katy Perry was coming to a town near me I was so excited. Ecstatic actually. I think Katy Perry is amazing. Anyways, when the tickets went on sale I was on the site right away and I think I had row 5 or something… but then I have no idea what came over me…. and I decided that I shouldn’t keep spending money on concerts, and I left the page. Every since I did that I regretted it. I when back to the site a while later and all of the good seats were gone. And then the concert was sold out a while later. I was so angry with myself. This is something I really wanted and I was reason I couldn’t go. This blame could not be passed on.

For months I imagined myself going. Then I thought, radio stations often have concert tickets to give away all the time. I had won some before, maybe I could do it again. So I listen constantly, I also made my boyfriend listen as well, even though he is not to fond of the music I listen to, but he knew how bad I wanted these tickets.

Anyways after months of trying, I got nothing. I was still imagining though, imagining myself at the concert. Imagining what it would be like. Then the weekend before the concert one radio station was giving away tickets every hour. Well guess who had headphones in most of the weekend. Yep, I was listening every chance I got. Unfortunately my boyfriend had a friend getting married on the Saturday, so I had to put my headphones down most of the day. Which was extremely hard for me. I was not to impressed. Haha 😛

On the Sunday I was determined. I had to get these tickets, I had dreamed about it the night before. My boyfriend and I listened all day. Then it happened.

Early afternoon on Sunday we were sitting there calling and my boyfriend turned to me.

“It’s ringing”
“It always rings and then it has the busy signal”
“No, it is ringing”

I think my heart started racing, but I can’t really remember. He gave me the phone and I heard the ringing… I was shaking. Then I heard the DJ come on and say hello. I could barely contain my excitement. We chatted about the weather, then he told me I was the right caller. I had won. I could not believe it. It was two days before the concert I had a lot to do, but right then I didn’t even care. I was jumping around my apartment. Then after a while it hit me, I had to call work and get everything worked out. Luckily everything worked out great, and we got to the concert. And it was amazing, even my boyfriend had a good time. He said he was not a big fan of the music. But she had a good stage presence.

I loved it. It was amazing.

So a big thank you to my boyfriend for winning me the tickets, but also I think the positive thinking and the imagining myself there played a big part as well.

Overall, she was great, and I suggest to never pass up the tickets if you really want to go 🙂


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