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Positive thinking, its the way to go.

on July 19, 2011

Over the weekend I had to do something that I was not really looking forward to. But it was important to other people so I sucked it up. In the days and weeks coming up to it, I was so nervous, stressed, and easily angered. Everyone kept telling me that it will be fine. I did not really ever believe them. Until I started to tell myself that it will be okay. Yes I was still not wanting to do this, but I just told myself over and over that it would be fine.

And as much as I hate to admit this… It was. I would love to say that I was right and it sucked and for a certain part it did. But the majority of the time I had a lot of fun. And all the stress and fights were not really for much. I kinda feel a little silly actually.

Anyways I had a good time, and I believe that positive thinking had a lot to do with it.

OH AND, I have been trying to win tickets for this concert for weeks and weeks, I imagined myself winning, I imagined myself even going to the concert. So after weeks and weeks of trying and positive thinking. GUESS WHO WON TICKETS!?!?!??!??!??!




well not me…..




BUT MY BOYFRIEND DID!!!! which means…… I GET THEM!!

Anyways, thanks for reading, love you guys. And remember even if something will really probably suck, stay positive. It really honestly helps.


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