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Hello new job….

on July 4, 2011

After many hours spend dreading my new job, today was the day. It was my first day. You see I use to work at a daycare, and that was my dream job. I loved everything about it, well almost everything…. AHA! But it was amazing I would walk into work and have little girls running up to me and saying good morning and that they missed me. Also all of the kids there knew me, listened to me (for the most part :P) and they respected me, again mostly. Also this age group that I use to work with was 2-12 and there were ver few older kids they were mostly kindergartens. Anyways, I have had to work hard there to get the kids to know me and like me. Well going into a new job where you work with kids and they dont know you and they do not respect you is SO FRICKEN DIFFICULT!!!!!!

Especially because with this job there is so much for me to learn still and I am having a hard time learning everything, the boys that I work with know a lot more about it all than me. So today I was told by one of the kids that he wanted one of the other leaders to help him… great I am already the dumb one. Also these kids are ages 11-15… a very tough age to work with… So I will say now that it was hard today, with the first hour I wanted to go home, and the few hours after that as well. But then I was pair up with this one boy that just needed some extra encouragement. He asked me about my life, and just wanted to get to know me. After I nice long chat he told me that he is very gald I started working at byte camp… and things started to go up from there. I kinda got use to having to ask for help all the time. See I am very stubborn, and do not often ask for help… But you kinda gotta sometimes. But then it really made me see that I can make an impact still, that was really important to me.

I know this job will be tough. And it will be frustrating at times, but well, who knows what will happen we will see.


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