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Its all in the cheeks

Smiling take less muscles then to frown. Or so they say… Well… I believe it. Try smiling… now try frowning. With a smile your mouth curls up into your cheeks, and makes your eyes squinty and happy and you cheeks all cute. With a frown you create wrinkles all over your forehead, and pull your eyebrows down and then you have to pull your mouth down. See, there is a lot more work with a frown then a smile, plus with a smile you get laugh lines, with a frown you get wrinkles. I would take laugh lines over wrinkles any day. Even though they really are the same thing, but you can say the wrinkles on your cheeks are laugh lines. I don’t really think you would be able to convince anyone that the wrinkles on your forehead are laugh lines… Unless your laugh somehow looks like a frown, if so then I am really not sure what to tell you.

But nonetheless, smiling is always better.

When you walk into a store and the person at the till smiles, its like an invatation into the store, because when you walk in and they frown at you or look grumpy, I always feel that I am not welcome. Unless I HAVE to get some thing in that store I will just walk out! It just makes me feel like I am not suppose to be there.

PLUS, smiling makes you more approachable. I know that I said sometimes that is a bad thing, but that is only sometimes! Maybe you will make a new friend because you smiled when you sat down next to a nice looking stranger on the bus.

So just remember smile, its all in the cheeks.



Me, dressed up as a doll

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As much as I love gingerbread, I am celebrating the Canucks win instead.

Today is national gingerbread day. I might go by some gingerbread cookies when I am out getting some groceries. But what I am celebrating right now is the Canucks win. Last nights game started off with a Canucks goal. It was great then it went down hill. In the over time that was great though. My boyfriend and I were about to sit down and watch it, he was one the other side of the room trying to do something. I told him the game was about to start. To tease him I said “Burrows Bagged it!” (It is my favourite thing to say during a game!) ” Wait, No, Simon, He actually did it!!!!!” I was so funny, he actually scored right after I said it. No joke. This also happened the last game we played I tried to trick someone by saying that they scored and then a few minutes later, they actually did. Maybe I am good luck heh!

I think I would now like a jersey, a Burrows jersey. If only they were cheaper… hah

(found on google)

Anyways, National gingerbread day, I like gingerbread, well I love the gingerbread cookies. Well the ones my moms make are my favourite because she uses a gingersnap recipe instead of a regular gingerbread one. I am not the biggest fan of molasses. So I guess I don’t really love “gingerbread” cookies, just gingersnaps pretending to me gingerbread. Heh 🙂

Oh and I thought I would share this recipe, definitely going try it one day. It doesn’t need molasses 🙂

(found on


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Beauty in local flowers

I love taking pictures of flowers, they are just so pretty. They always make me smile

Some pretty flowers I found on my walk along a lake a few night back

Someones beautiful garden along the side of the road

Near a walk way, the picture does not show the intense colours of these flowers! So beautiful!

Walking to the bus, this purple flowers stood out among a garden full of flowers, and this one was so small but so bright!

No matter where I am I always think the little daises that grow everywhere are so beautiful!

Just pretty flowers

Flowers from different angles!

I just love the colour of these flowers

These little guys grow all over at my parents house, so cute!

Just a side note, all these photos were taken by me 🙂

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Shelter Cat Month, and cheese day!!

I have been at it again, not posting. Kinda slacking off, there really is no excuse now…

Lets see if I can try again..

This month is adopt a shelter cat month! And believe me I wish I could, I think shelter cats are the best. All of my cats have been from shelters, and yes they all are and have been amazing. But since my apartment building does not let cats I have to just visit my cats at my parents house. Believe me though, I want to get a cat, and as soon as we move, I am going to try to get a cat!


My big orange tabby, Pumpkin!

And guess what, today is cheese day! Hah I know that I could never be a vegan because I love cheese! The worst part though is that cheese is not that cheap. When we are shopping we have to get a few when it is on sale. But I celebrated today by having cheese on my sandwich. I also may have some some with dinner tonight, my boyfriend and I are going out tonight to watch the game. 🙂

Anyways I am going to get ready to go, and lets hope the Canucks win again tonight!

Oh, a funny story I wanted to share, the people living above us have been moving, for the past week. But instead of doing all the moving during the day, they go into the night. And they are so loud! They smash around upstairs, yell at each other, and just recently they have brought a baby who just screams most of the time. Anyways since it gets quite hot in our apartment we have to keep our windows open till we go to sleep. So they are even louder, especially when dropping things from the balcony above to their friend below who is right outside our window. Anyways they were moving the other night when the game was on. It was the game were no one was scoring. To bug them I yelled out GOAL! and cheered a little, I think I heard them talking to each other about the score after! I was so happy I tricked them. I kept laughing, but then the Canucks actually scored, and my trick was completely irrelevant. But it was funny while it lasted 🙂


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I missed the last couple seasons of So You Think You Can Dance.  Very busy with work and stuff, this year I can record them and watch them later! Love this show! I always makes me smile! And just by watching the auditions I know it is going to be a good season! I cannot wait!

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