Mollie's Adventures

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on June 7, 2011

Honestly, when I found out it was National chocolate ice cream day, I smiled. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate chocolate ice cream day. At first I was worried that I did not have any  ice cream. But then I remembered the big tub of it I just bought 🙂 It is actually neapolitan  but that is the best way. So you can have a bit of everything.

Anyways, celebrate by having some chocolate ice cream today! I know I will!!

Ps for anyone that has vanilla ice cream so often, and wants more from it. Try adding jam. It is so good. I know this because my dad would often only buys vanilla ice cream, and it just got so boring. Until one day my cousin came over, she asked if we had any jam to go with her ice cream… I thought she was crazy. But we all tried it and it was so good. Especially with homemade jam! YUM!!

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