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Its all in the cheeks

on June 6, 2011

Smiling take less muscles then to frown. Or so they say… Well… I believe it. Try smiling… now try frowning. With a smile your mouth curls up into your cheeks, and makes your eyes squinty and happy and you cheeks all cute. With a frown you create wrinkles all over your forehead, and pull your eyebrows down and then you have to pull your mouth down. See, there is a lot more work with a frown then a smile, plus with a smile you get laugh lines, with a frown you get wrinkles. I would take laugh lines over wrinkles any day. Even though they really are the same thing, but you can say the wrinkles on your cheeks are laugh lines. I don’t really think you would be able to convince anyone that the wrinkles on your forehead are laugh lines… Unless your laugh somehow looks like a frown, if so then I am really not sure what to tell you.

But nonetheless, smiling is always better.

When you walk into a store and the person at the till smiles, its like an invatation into the store, because when you walk in and they frown at you or look grumpy, I always feel that I am not welcome. Unless I HAVE to get some thing in that store I will just walk out! It just makes me feel like I am not suppose to be there.

PLUS, smiling makes you more approachable. I know that I said sometimes that is a bad thing, but that is only sometimes! Maybe you will make a new friend because you smiled when you sat down next to a nice looking stranger on the bus.

So just remember smile, its all in the cheeks.



Me, dressed up as a doll


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