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As much as I love gingerbread, I am celebrating the Canucks win instead.

on June 5, 2011

Today is national gingerbread day. I might go by some gingerbread cookies when I am out getting some groceries. But what I am celebrating right now is the Canucks win. Last nights game started off with a Canucks goal. It was great then it went down hill. In the over time that was great though. My boyfriend and I were about to sit down and watch it, he was one the other side of the room trying to do something. I told him the game was about to start. To tease him I said “Burrows Bagged it!” (It is my favourite thing to say during a game!) ” Wait, No, Simon, He actually did it!!!!!” I was so funny, he actually scored right after I said it. No joke. This also happened the last game we played I tried to trick someone by saying that they scored and then a few minutes later, they actually did. Maybe I am good luck heh!

I think I would now like a jersey, a Burrows jersey. If only they were cheaper… hah

(found on google)

Anyways, National gingerbread day, I like gingerbread, well I love the gingerbread cookies. Well the ones my moms make are my favourite because she uses a gingersnap recipe instead of a regular gingerbread one. I am not the biggest fan of molasses. So I guess I don’t really love “gingerbread” cookies, just gingersnaps pretending to me gingerbread. Heh 🙂

Oh and I thought I would share this recipe, definitely going try it one day. It doesn’t need molasses 🙂

(found on



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