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Unfortunate for the snails

on May 24, 2011

Happy escargot day everyone! Well not to the snails I guess, I wonder how many people will actually eat escargot just for the celebration of escargot day? I can say that I have never had escargot and don’t really plan to anytime soon. I think it is funny because escargot is such a well known food simply because people think eating snails is weird. I know that I found out about it through movies and shows, making fun of it or having people grossed out by eating it. You know those movies where someone eat something and they say “Yummm, what is this?” the common answer is “Escargo” and then the person who was eating it is grossed out and spit it out.

But I guess it is all in the mind, if you are eating something that is good and you don’t know maybe it is for the better. Being a vegetarian kinda saves me from that a little 🙂

Anyways, to all of you out there eating snails today, enjoy one for me!


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