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Look what I made, chocolate chip muffins!

on May 22, 2011

Okay I am not good at cooking, I can bake but cannot cook. But my baking is somewhat limited to cookies. I can make other things but I am really good at cookies.  Since I have moved out I have been really trying to work on my cooking/baking skills. For my boyfriends birthday I made him pancakes from scratch. And they were so yummy. That is more along the lines of baking, but I am trying. Anyways made chocolate chip muffins from a standard recipe found online, and guess what?! They were so yummy as well! Go me!

 Getting all my ingredients ready!

(The eggs from my dad farm, just made it that much better!)

This was after I had already put some into the oven.The one thing I was really worried about was it was super runny, I kinda didn’t do the steps in order. I have a problem with that… Heh

Slowly rising!

All done, and they were so good!


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