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The Internet and Glee do not mix

on May 19, 2011

My boyfriend and I decided that to cut back on cost we would not get a TV when we moved out, this means we watch most of our movies and shows through our computers. This also means that I do not see the episodes when everyone else does, I see them either later that night or the next day. Well I am just saying now that it is not safe to go on the computer when you have not see the episode. Whether it is facebook posts, tweets on twitter, or other blog posts, people are constantly talking about TV shows, especially glee. So me, not really thinking about the consiquences of going on the computer without having seen the most recent episode of glee, went on the computer the day after the newest glee episode was airing. And it was all over what had happened in the previous nights show.

So this is a fair warning to anyone that does not watch their favourite TV shows with everyone else. DO NOT GO ON THE INTERNET!


One response to “The Internet and Glee do not mix

  1. Dani says:

    Facebook ruined Harry Potter for me. I feel your pain.

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