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To smile, or not to smile?

on May 17, 2011

Often I am asked why do you smile so much, or why are you so happy? Well I think I would just prefer to smile then to frown. I often meet people because I am smiling, people are much more friendly to me, they are more willing to help me. But after yesterday I am not to sure I want to look as friendly, see I have quite a few creeps come up and talk to me just because they think they can. By quite a few I mean a lot! Yes there have been really weird moments, but oh well. Yesterday I was walking home from school and this man approached me. He was obviously very drunk because I could smell it on his breath, yes he was getting that close to me and was asking me about a tear in his pants and if it was noticable. I really just wanted to get out of that situation so I told him that I am late for meeting my friend. He would not let me go kept asking me it I could see it. Now I am not saying that he was doing anything to hurt me, he was just drunk probably just ripped his pants and was trying to ask someone about them. But I wonder, did he ask me because I was the one who smiled and look friendly, and maybe if I had not smiled, would he have not bothered me?

I know I say to always smile, and I am not going to let something like that stop me from it, but I can’t help but think that I would have a lot less creepy encounters with strangers if I just didn’t smile.


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