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Spring Cleaning

on May 16, 2011

Well at least it is spring cleaning for my computer. I have been meaning to do this for a while, you know when your downloads folder becomes so full you dread going to look for stuff, or you have 15 copies of your resume and cannot remember which one is the newest. Or even at the end of the semester where you have so many different copies of one assignment because you keep editing it sending it to your parners getting a new one back and well you get my point. My computer is a mess, also I have this computer that sucks in dust like no other, then it gets really hot because of the dust over heats and shuts down. Well the dust have been cleared out, my boyfriend has this canned air stuff that he uses to clean out his computers and he took it to clean out mine.

By the end of my spring cleaning I hope to have more space, even though I have tons of space…

I deleted a ton of stuff, and only got a few more GBs free, oh well 🙂


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