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on May 12, 2011

As many people probably know, I am not fond of being alone. I really hate it actually. I understand many people like their alone time, but not me. I guess sometimes when I am very angry I storm off and then I am alone. But believe me it does not last long because soon I get lonely or bored and I come back to my previous location, or find someone new to hang out with. It has been very hard moving out because there is just two of us now in a small apartment. In many cases it is nice because we are usually here together since he works from home. But the times it is me here by myself, it really sucks. I get so bored, and then I go crazy. I often want to go for a walk wander around but I hate being alone. Since I am always alone taking the buses I don’t want to walk around alone anymore than I have to. This is also why I often talk to the bus drivers. Think about it, they get lonely too.

But my point of this blog is that I have a very hard time when he is working and I am sitting here, just watching. Since the couch I usually sit on faces him and his computer screens, I usually just end up watching. Which then leads to me talking or asking questions. He dislikes that because then I am disturbing his working. But he is right there, and I hate that I just can’t talk to him. I feel bad because yes he is trying to work, and I keep talking but I really just need to say things sometimes. This is why I started this blog, so I can kinda have something to occupy my time. But it doesn’t really seem to help all to much.

I really think I need a pet. I would LOVE a cat. If I had a cat I would train it to be super friendly and cuddly, or just pick one out that is. But I really don’t feel that it would be fair to have a cat in an apartment like this, it is very small and there is no balcony. Would a cat really be happy here? I guess I am unsure because I have had outdoor cats my whole life. I know many people have indoor pets. I just wonder if that works really well. But I guess if the pet only ever knows the indoors it wouldn’t really miss the outdoors right?


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