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Oh Victoria.

on May 11, 2011

A few days ago I went down, or up (I never get that right) to Victoria, with my boyfriend and his brother. We met up with my cousin and spent the day wandering around downtown. I love that, though I wish we would have gone into all the little shops, but I didn’ t think anyone else but me would enjoy that part. We met up with some people and just walked. It was kinda funny because we kept walking in the same  few blocks. I always thought that Victoria was so huge, but it really seemed so small that day. Since he and his brother had a concert to go to, my cousin and I decided to just hang out. First we really did not know what to do. Then we decided to go for some french fries at a local pub. Well everyone that knows me knows that I am really not a big fan of pubs. But this one was really nice. It was called the Fernwood Inn. But as soon as we got there we realized that it was a game night, and the pub was packed. We decided to stay anyways. As much as I thought that I wouldn’t like it I actually really loved it. Watching the game with all these hockey fans was really cool. I know my dad is a big hockey fan, but it is very different watching hockey in a pub. You really get into the game just from all the people around you. After that we went home met up with one of my cousins friends, and we went for Dairy Queen. It was really just a fun time. Though being a concert it ended late so we were all pretty tired on the drive home. But it was a great night 🙂


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