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Life without a Microwave

on April 20, 2011

Growing up I always had a microwave, I used it so much. I knew they were bad, well I was told they were, so people said they were some said they were not. I guess I never thought of it until my dad kept telling me how bad they were, it scared me a little I guess but I never ever really thought about. One day he just got rid of ours, nothing said just got rid of it. Mom got a different one. And that was that. He would always tell me not to use them. I dont know it was so easy so quick. You could reheat something and have it ready in under a minute. That did kinda make me nervous, I don’t know, everyone has their own opinons, and I will not say what is right or wrong. But I will say that Simon and I decided when we moved out that we will not have one. And yes reheating through frying pans and pots takes longer, but thats the choice we made. Also it is more dishes, and I usually end up burning some of the food to the bottom of the pot, but I will learn

And take a look now dad, I have not used a Microwave in over three weeks. Bet you didn’t think I would do it.


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