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Mollie vs Laundry Room

on April 17, 2011

Okay so since my last post about the laundry room I have attempted doing laundry a few more times. So the next time we tried we just brought it up and dried it here, we still didn’t have a good drying rack so again it was hung up around our house. It really sucks when you do a bunch of things (instead of a load of sweaters or something) I mean when you have a bunch of smaller things because  it is hard to find a lot of places to hang things. Anyways we decided to try out the dryers the next time. I still am a bit weary about leaving my laundry there unattended. I don’t know I am pretty positive that no one would go through it but eerrgghhh I don’t know it creeps me out. But anyways, we sat down there, waited for the laundry to finish in the washing machine and then we started it in the dryer. It took a while, I am definitely not use to a timed dryer the one at my parents house the time is broken so you kinda just leave it and guess, so the dryer was taking a while and with a pay dryer you cannot check to see if it is done because then you have to pay again. It finished and then I went to check, and everything was still damp. And Simon and I were definitely not willing to put another $1.50 in just to put them through, which would not even have taken ten minutes, and yes maybe it was a bigger load then it should have been but as I said before my dryer at home would have been fine because you just put it on for longer. So we brought our partly damp clothes upstairs and hung them again. Anyways we decided to wash the sheets a few days back and I knew that would not be something to put in the dryer because even at home when I do one sheet it gets all tangled up in the middle and doesn’t dry, we again brought it upstairs still not having a good drying rack we spread it across three chairs, Simon then asked if I would like to join him in the fort. I love him!

Anyways we had to do more laundry today and we have decided that we will no longer be using the dryers because they are just a hassle. We went out and brought a drying rack for $19.99 and as Simon pointed out after just 13 loads it will have saved us money. Well we did two loads today. And so only 11 more loads and we have saved money. So lets hope this works, the only thing that I am really concerned about the clothes smell damp (of course) when the come out of the washing machine and just hanging them around the house won’t affect the house will it? If we make sure to keep the fan going and the windows open during the day. I don’t know I just want to stay on the safe side.


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