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The first bug in my home

on April 14, 2011

This morning I found the first bug in my house, it was a moth, and honestly it freaked me right out. Haha I don’t know if I have mentioned this but we have had no bugs here. haha *Knock on wood* because I know saying that will just make more come around! haha but seriously there has been none, which is funny because when I was packing up my room to move I found like soo many. It has been a nice change though. Not having bugs around especially ants, I know at my parents house in the summer the ants sucked, and at simons old house as well. Oh I also saw a spider this morning, and I thought about taking it outside but you see we have to walked around to the front entrance to get outside and the windows have screens except for the bedroom one but it opens funny anyways I was like umm… so I told simon and he picked it up and walked all the way around to let it outside. See thats nice and all but obviously he has more time in the morning than I do. But somehow hes always late! Hehe. But I am not saying that I would pick the spider up because if I didn’t think about that I would have stepped on it, but no I knew that Simon would most likely take it outside so I told him. 🙂 Thats me being kinda a little lazy. Yeah well everyone has those days right? I am kinda hoping that I will not see anymore bugs for a little while those two in the past few days, just wow, did not expect them. HAha oh the things that I have become use to here. Haha oh another thing that I have become use to here, the dishes not taking like forever! Hahah definitely going to be weird when I go back to my parents house and have to do dishes and they take at least half an hour. Bllarrg. Not fun times.


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