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Oh school,

on April 14, 2011

I find it so difficult to get into my school work these days, though I am doing pretty well because all my assignments that are due next week are pretty much done just have to do some editing and meet with my group member and them the ones due the week after well one is being edited and then the other I have started but the teacher is going to teach us what it is about next week, so really I am complaining for no reason at all. Which is so like me…. hahah Oh dear. but I dont know what it is, I guess I see Simon doing work all the time that I get kinda worried that I am falling behind or something. Who knows. But I really get stressed out sitting here thinking oh my gosh what if I am forgetting something and then what I am going to do. I tried to make a list of all the things I needed to go, but then I got confused because I started to write silly things like drink more water. And of course you should be doing that all the time so it wasn’t something that I should just cross off, but then I wanted to finish my list. Oh dear. And another thing, I really don’t want people to think that I am bragging that I am done all this stuff, because I really am not I was just simply saying that I get nervous because I think that I have more stuff to do then I do. You know me just worrying. Wow, never heard that one before hey? Mollie worrying. HAH 🙂 that made me smile.


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