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Back to school, and its not even september

on April 12, 2011

So we got new on sunday night that school was to go back on tuesday. Meaning that we will not have to go to school in may but that we will have to stay until the end of april to finish up. I am sitting in the library right now and it feels like september. Just because everyone is kinda in that weird out of it mood. Everyone is either stressing over projects to do, catching up with friends r just trying to remember where they are suppose tobe and when. Or maybe they are all a little bit of each one. I know that this morning sitting in class was one of the hardest things. I had to actually stay focused on the teacher. And listen. Funny thing was that it was a human communication class and we were learning about listening…. haha I can tell you that I had a lot of trouble with learning that one. I have to admit that I am pretty annoyed with how this was all handled. The whole strike. I am happy that I am back and that I will now be able to finish this semester. Although I was suppose to be finished on the 14th that was the day of my last exam, but now I am stuck here until the 29th. Oh well in a way it is kinda my choice. I can get my tuition refunded, but I feel that I have spent all this time waiting and on my school work now that we only have two and a half weeks left that I might as well just stick it out. But I can promise that I will not like having to stay here this late into April I was so super excited that I would be done early. Oh and another thing that really bugs me is that the education advisors were suppose to be letting us know in April who is in the program and who is not. Now we wont find out until the end of May!! Yes there is nothing I can do about it. But I was going to decide about summer class on if I got in or not and these class start in the first week of may… Blarrg Anyways off to get so me homework done, well try. It is so hard to get back into the homework routine.


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