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My night at home

on April 9, 2011

Last night, I got off work met my mom and sister, got lots of junk food, watched Tangled and ate it all. But getting home seeing everything kinda different but kinda all the same was really weird. One of the best things though was seeing my cat. I loved just hugging him and holding him feeling him purring. Oh my gosh I have missed that cat more than words. But it was amazingly nice to be with my family. It was kinda weird though not having a room to go to and I really feel now that that is not my home. Also, not so fun having to sleep on the couch of your own house. I did love waking up with my parents there. I miss them a lot, I thought that when I moved out because we were fighting so much that I would just be happy to be gone. But it is hard, for anyone that thinks it is going to be easy it is not. I think that this past week, has been incredibly hard. And I feel a lot stronger now for being able to get through it with my head held high. Again, I have to thank Simon because he has helped me so much get through this huge transition in my life. Thanks.


One response to “My night at home

  1. Dad says:

    I am very proud of you,

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